So I Got Good News Today

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PreciousBaby19 - October 15

so we've been stretching our savings because i've been trying to get a position that was much mmmuccch better.....within the dundee university, they make like 13-20,000 pounds a year.... justt for secretaries. well, i applied for 5 positions, and one of my applications was handled by a zoey h, so she called and left a message telling me to phone her back. I did, she told me that i didn't get the job i applied for just because someone had realllllly great background in that feild. So i wasn't upset or anything, but she said that she would like to have me round for an interveiw tomorrow on a temporary position its only part time, but it makes...minimum 7.50£ an hour. its 21 hours a week, and its for 6 weeks, but while i'm there i can find internal jobs for the dundee university and since i'd work with the dundee uni i would have a much easier time getting in. So if she gives me the job, I'm NOT going to blow it. I'm going to take it.......But, i don know about the other positions i applied for, because if i get called for an interview i would like to go...I'll be talking with zoey about that tomorrow , or worrying about it later. But. i'm just so damn excited, Once you get into the dundee university. WHICH is hard, because i've already put in like 10 applications last year. but....... Once you get in, your set for any position really, because they know you can work with the dundee univ. =) get what i'm saying. God i'm just so excited.... yay


newbaby2009 - October 15

Congrats! Hope you get it and move forward!


PreciousBaby19 - October 15

Thankx. =) I'm super nervousssss


AddysMummy - October 16

whooooo pb.


PreciousBaby19 - October 16

I didn't get the temporary position, but i still have 5 more applications. Hopefully i'll get something from those. Ohg well, a bit disappointed.



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