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XxbebexX - November 26

and its a BFP! my boyfriend was with me and he and i both started crying, we are both a little nervous because its our first but yea, its positive...i been feelin real crampy like....i ate today n omg i was about to puke it up...gross...thats the first time i felt like that....jus wanted to let u guys kno


hope-31 - November 26

congrats,i guess? i just hope you really know what your getting into.your life will never be the not saying horrible but just be prepared for a bumpy


XxbebexX - November 26

yea i bestfriend had her son at 17.... the only good part bout it is we dont have to worry bout money....he's wealthy! n thats no lie!


XxbebexX - November 26

that sounded kind of retarded lol...well. thanks for the warning...i didnt take it in a bad way its ok


Noodle - November 27

congratulations! yeah unfortunately in early pregnancy the cramps are worse than period pains! thats why most people dont find out until later on because they are so sure their periods are coming! i wasnt even late and i ate a bacon sandwich and threw up everywhere, had horrendous migraine etc the lot! thats an early sign for you!


XxbebexX - November 27

AW thank u Noodle lol yea...i dont have morning sickness...YET!! im sure i'll have it real bad lol...yea the cramps and stuff are kickin ma a__s lol. its on and off though. sometimes its slight, then other times jus pops out of nowhere n i find myself squeezin somethin lol. . . this should be fun! (sarcasticlol).my BBs were not all that sore but now, i woke up this morning and they hurt like a B****! im starting to pee more often....ima little nervous of course, dont kno wat other pains to feel free to give me a heads up lol...thanks ladys! really!


Saturn - November 27

Congratulations!! You're bound to be nervous especially with your first child but dont worry :-) I was 16 when I had my 1st little girl. Its tough but you'll get though it, sound like you got a nice supportive bloke there for you. Happy days :-)


KidMiMi - November 27

congrats ...:)


sarahnoelle6824 - November 27

How old are you?? I'm 15 , and i am 11 weeks and 4 days.


XxbebexX - November 27

Im 19 years old...but ima be 20 in april and im not due till august, so i'll be 20 wit a like 4 weeks and 2 days. . .i took another test this morning and it was still, 2 clear lines...THANKS GIRLS...its really nice to talk to someone who knows how im feeling



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