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bout2pop9907 - January 18

Now my ex is being so damn nice. He told me that he wants to get married and I dont want to be with him. What should I tell him? How should I break it to him? Will the kid hate me for not being with the father?


sarahsteele - January 18

the kid will not hate you.. as long as they know the father. heres a saying for you.. "the child will be better off coming from a broken home than living in one"


hailey07 - January 18

I think that you need to be honest and open with him. You need to look at how he treats you, how you were together, and what kind of support he will be to you. Obviously, you are a teen so I would be careful about making any other life decisions. We always risk the chance of pregnancy when we engage in s_x, that's why we should be so careful of who we sleep with. I can't tell you how your baby will feel about his/her father, but I think if the baby feels love overall he or she will understand. I hope that you will really evaluate the situation. Often, when we are pregnant we get these warm, cozy feelings about having the baby, and being with the father, and how everything will be wonderful. Well, as wonderful as parenthood is it is extremely difficult. A helpful and supportive partner is a blessing, but single parents manage as well. Follow your heart.


rl- - January 18

just tell him the truth and if he wants to be a part of the kids life then let him and the kid won't hate you if you try your best to get along with his father I mean you don't have to be best friends or anything but always always think of your child first and never put them in the middle I am divorced from my ex and we have 2 sons together I may have issues with my ex but I never take it out on him with the kids and they are very happy and well adjusted good luck!!


babygirlk - January 18

you sould tell him the truth and tell him you still want the kid to be abel to see him you cant hurt yourself


tennesseewlkr07 - January 18

no the kid will not hate you for not being with the father, if you think that staying out of that relationship with him is whats best for you and the baby then you need to go for it, remember if your not happy your child may not be either


ash2 - January 18

Well i do believe that every relationship should try to work out for the children, i do also believe that if a child is in more drama with the 2 parents together, then it is best if you seperate.


charmy - January 19

why did you even think of getting pregnant if you dont wanna be with this guy....the kid has the right to be with both of you ....but if he is hurting you i can understand you not wanting to be with him.... :-)


CAROL - January 19

Charmy: don't be so judgemental. You are the same "Charmy" afterall who posted about which guy is my baby's daddy, yes...? That's what I thought.



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