So Scared Needed Advice

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Beth - January 19

i always promised myself i would stay abstinence from s_x till i was married and now in my senior year i ended up the way i didnt want to. i got caught up in the moment w/ my boyfriend who never pressured me to have s_x... but it still happened and now i am so scared i guess it was four nights ago while we were having s_x that our condom broke ... he pulled out immediatly and we had just started so we didnt think anything was there... but an hour or so we had s_x prior, but he washed off ... i didnt want to go to a planned parent hood clinic to take a pill because i was afraid of what i might be doing to something that could possible be living.... i know that sounds crazy but there was no way i could take that pill and regret not knowing for the rest of my life... now i'm soo scared because theres a possibility that i could pregnant and it scares me soo bad... does anyone know any more info on condoms breaking before ejaculation... and the risks and such... if you could help me that would be so kind.. thank you .


charismastic_raven - January 20

The morning after pill cant harm a "baby" as conception does not happen instantly, all the morning after pill does is stops your egg from being released therefor there is nothing for the sperm to fertilise, I suggest u get one asap, btw "morning after pill" can be taken up to 72 hours after s_x and is likely to still work! goodluck


Tara - January 20

If he was careful enough to pull out and you guys stoped right away chances are very slim unless there was prec_m. But charismaticraven is right, and the morning after pill will not hurt a baby as you don't concieve instantly. If you try to go in today and get the pill before your 72 hours are up then you will be fine. And if you plan to stay s_xually active I suggest going on birth control as well as using a condom - nothing is 100% but if you are using both at least when one fails the other will protect you and a scare like this won't happen again.



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