So Scared How Do I Beake It To Them

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Becky - December 11

im 16 yrs old, and had s_x with my boyfriend on last friday (december 3rd) and i was expecting my period for the following weekend(4-6th) and didnt get it, but this is nothing new, i have been eregular for about a year, and have just now decided to do something about it. but anyways, i went back to see him on this friday (december 10th) and i had unprotected s_x with him (both times:S) and i saw him ejaculate all over me, and im soo scared, how will i be sure i am, or am not, with out my parents knowing??? please help me!!!


Monica - December 11

Hey, don't freak out. I know exactly what your going throuh because we did the same thing, except i'm 1 month pregnant now. You can go to the store and get a pregnany test make sure you hold ur pee for at least 2-3 hrs cuz if ur pregnant the HCG hormone level will need to build up. If you don't want to get it urself then ask one of ur close friends or family members. I got my sister to get it for me. Also you can go to one of the Planned Parenthood places. Go on the net and look for the closest one to you. If you are pregnant and you want your parents to know, then you might want to write them a letter or just blirt it out or write it on the bathroom mirror, or leave a piece of paper on your bed that says I'm expecting or have one of your friends or family members tell them for you. That's all i got , hope that's good enough. Good Luck!


E - December 11

Becky, if you live in the States, please visit or call Planned Parenthood for FREE and confidential birth control. They will not tell your parents. They also do free pregnancy testing. Find a way to take charge of your life and do not become a vicitm of your hormones. Have a friend drive you or go with you if you cannot get to the PP clinic.


Erika - December 13

call planned parent hood .. It's free and confidential


Becky - December 13

thanx guys, this is awesome, i love it and everything but, i dont live in the USA... i need one for CANADA or else i would....:(


Grandpa Viv - December 13

Canada is much more advanced than the U.S.A. in these matters. Your MOH Health Department will probably give you confidential help, and also your school system, unless it's a Catholic school. St John's, is it, eh? Watch for early signs of pregnancy a week or so after conception. If you find yourself saying 'I don't understand what is going wrong with my body', that's a good clue, or you can check out the Am I Pregnant link to the left here. Since you are not regular, there is no telling if you exposed yourself during your fertile window, though it would be a good idea for you to learn how to do this using cervical discharge and position. You can buy a home pregnancy test if your body starts complaining. Take the test no sooner than a couple of weeks after the complaints begin. In the meantime, you need to be psyching yourself up to ask your mom to make you an appointment to get on the birth control pill. I'm sure she would prefer that to a pregnancy.



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