So Yeah I Never Wanted Kids

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itsmelissa - May 9

it's kinda ironic how my situation is. i was always the first one to say, "I never want a kid!", "Getting married? Having a kid? F*** that idea.", "Why would you want a kid? All they do is cry & ruin your life." But now, it's different. Ever since i found out I changed my mind 100%. I'm so young though and that's what's always bothering me. Me and my boyfriend are supposed to be renting a house with a friend of ours to help with rent. But i know it'll still be hard. I was wondering if anyone knew; i'll be 5 months on May 26. when did i get pregnant?


Corrine321 - May 9

Some time in january, im thinking


ash2 - May 9

why dont you go to the doctor


Teen_Mommy - May 10

there is a due date caluclator online where you can put the due date your doctor gave you and you can press a b___ton called calculate backward or something and it will tell you the day you concieved.


itsmelissa - May 11

do you know where it is? what's the website called?


shyann - May 11

itsmelissa on may 26th I will be almost 20 weeks = 5 months and i concived on january 12th so you are pretty close to me for a due date


itsmelissa - May 16

oh, really shyann? that's neat. do you have msn or aim? well, when is your due date? mine is oct. 9th. i just wanted to figure out when i concived.


Ddvinson3 - May 17

So itsmelissa if you don't mind me asking how old are you? I'm 20 and I'm 21 weeks. I feel I am young but I'm married so I guess it's not that bad and I'm financially stable at this point and we have a house but I still feel young and everyone else (society not my family) thinks I'm to young. My family is very supportive but everyone else on here just bashes young moms. But I guess you just have to get over it. Anyways guess I better go good luck!


frankschick2001 - May 17

Didn't your doctor give you precise dates?


itsmelissa - May 17

i'm 16, i'll be 17 this friday though. & no, my doctor didn't give me any dates, except my due date. i go to the doctor on the 26th, i'll ask her then.



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