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tennesseewlkr07 - January 13

I recently found out i was prego, and my mom and i have sat down and started to try and figure out how we are going to pay for my prenatal visits and my hospital stay. I have insurance through the state right now (NC) because both of my parents are on disability my mom has cronze disease and my dad is in a wheel chair . ( I live with only my mom though) So because they are on disability i get a check every month for like child support i guess that you could say. But its not enough to afford the prenatal care and what not. So we were looking into social security and filling for wic and all of that, but in order to get it i cant be living with one of my parents? weird huh? So inorder to get the financial help im going to have to lie about where im living and if im not living with one of my parents could i loose my check everymonth? So what am i supposed to do because i need the financial support from both ends!!! All help is appreciated!


rl- - January 13

ok sorry for what is happening but lying about where you live may not work they do check things out look all states do have a health dept you really should check that out they usually have clinics that are low cost and sometimes even free so instead of lying and maybe ending up getting in a bunch of trouble look in the phone book and find your local health dept and call and ask about their clinics....they will not deny you because of not being able to pay good luck!!


maren - January 13

Wow im confused i just read one of your earlyer posts and it says you live with your fiance? who do you live with? If you need the financial suport from both ends why dont you and your fince get a job you can get one working at a daycare or at a maternity store or like babies R us works good to. Oh and why do you need to live by your self to get WIC social security yes so forget that there are specific programs for people that are pregnant and need help so look into that like state insurance! i had it and didnt have to pay for even a co-pay Dont lie about where you live because that is shady and they require profe like a bill taht is sent to where you live. I live with my parents and i had the state insurance and WIC so i think you need to talk with the people that run that program again


abriamiacadia - January 13

Wic and social security? or just social security. I got WIC and im living w/ my mother.


tennesseewlkr07 - January 14

Ive done some more research and the program is called baby love, i cant call anyone about it untill monday, and i cant work because i just had back surgery and i have had mulitiple other surgeries and my restrictions make it very hard for me to be hired. I live with in my moms house and my fiance lives with us.


lunamoo - January 14

What about your fiance...? If you are not paying rent and he is working, then shouldn't you be fine...? The joys of unplanned pregnancy : ) Good luck!!


Jenn - January 14

umm, not to be rude, but there are places that will hire you-since you're the one with the disability it is your responsibility to find these organizations. Ans, I have to say that if you are able to have s_x, you are capable of many things, and if you have been given the go ahead from doc with this pregnancy-then obviously your back problems aren't that bad. Paying out of pocket sucks, but don't lie to get benefits.


Skyeblue - January 14

I have to agree with Jenn, lying to receive benefits is simply wrong. The expense of birth control would have been a much cheaper option...Looks like fiance has to take the bull by the horns and get a job and contribute financially. It might not be the right time in your life to be able to raise a child to the extent it deserves, would you consider adoption?


SaraH - January 14

Most hospitals/clinics will workout a payment plan w/ you. Also many hospitals have grants for low income families to help w/ the bills. You could also look into a midwife and a birthing center instead of the typical doc office and hospital as birthing centers and midwifes are the cheaper rout. As far as what you said though I'm a bit confused. You said you are insured through the sate and that you get a check every month for "child support" like purposes. These two things should be completely different. The check you are talking about getting every month from the government is not the same thing as state medical insurance. So, if you have state medical insurance then they should pay for most if not all of your prenatal care and if you have to pay a co-pay then that is really your responsibility (most other ppl have to pay co-pays too, and often the amount you have to pay out of pocket are based off of your income status, also as I already said most clinics/hospitals will work w/ you on payment plans). Also, if you have a boyfriend who is going to be a father --he should be working to help pay for his baby and the costs that are involved. I think lying to receive benefits is wrong. These benefits are their to help ppl and when you lie to get more then what is allowed, then you are cheating other ppl who need help out of that money. Not to mention that if the government finds out you could be in a bit of trouble and owe them a bunch back -and the government is probably going to be less complaint about small payment plans then a clinic/hospital would be.--- I guess my other concern is how are you going to afford the baby? If you can't manage to pay prenatal visits or the co-pays from your insurance how are you going to afford the baby over the next couple yrs? I can guaranty that typical medical expenses will add up to a lot less then the baby is going to over the next couple yrs. You also said you can't work b/c you've had back surgery and other surgeries, but are you sure that there are no possible jobs for you to do? There are jobs that don't require lifting or being on your feet for a long time, etc. As you said it may be “very hard” for you to get hired but that is not the same as impossible. So, if you can work at all, go find a job. It might take you every single day for a while to find someone to hire you, but if you are at all capable find someone who will hire you. The last thing I’m wondering is, how did you afford all of the other surgeries you’ve had? I would think that the cost of back surgery is probably at the lest comparable to the charges involved in a delivery. If you’re insurance covered those then they should also cover they cost of prenatal care. Anyways, I hope you get it all figured out, honestly, and that everything works out well for you and your little one. Good luck.


tennesseewlkr07 - January 15

That was written out worng, my sisters friend said thats what she had to do because her parents made to much money, but i talked to the baby love program already today and since my mothers income falls below the poverty line i cant get coverage, and nc health choice the insurancei have dosent cover prenatal care, but the medicade will. I didnt want to lie to get benefits, but i would do what it took to make sure that my child was taken care of.


tennesseewlkr07 - January 15

i mean i can** get coverage



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