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nate11 - January 18

Me and my Fiance went to our first Doc. appt last wednesday and we got to hear our baby's heart beat and take our babys first picture. The baby has 164 bpm which the doc says thats pretty normal and strong heart beat. Im so excited to see what the s_x is gonna be i cant wait...i bet alot of guys dont get as excited as i am right now.....i dont really care what the s_x is just as long as it is a healthy baby. So heres the deal if you will what was your first BPM for your baby the first time you got to hear it????


rl- - January 18

well good for you I hope you have a very healthy happy baby!!


Amanda18 - January 18

At 7w3d we saw the heartbeat and it was 145. At 11w2d we heard it and it was 175. I'm ordering a doppler next week so I can hear it whenever I want.


Meghan - January 18

hi! I was almost 9 weeks along when I firs heard my daughters heart beat and it was 181bpm. there is an old wives tale that says the faster the heart rate it will be a was tue for me! so maybe you're having a boy:) its cute how excited you are, my husband cried when he heard her heart beat for the first time.


nate11 - January 18

lol uh oh my fiance will be displeased to hear about that tale lol she really wants a little i dont really care to what it is as long as it is healthy...yeah i probably could have cried that day just didnt come out lol


Julie23 - January 18

mine is always between 145-155 bpm and I am having a boy. with my first it was always around 150 bpm and was also a boy, who knows maybe your having a girl:)


nate11 - January 19

well the way i see it im thinkin its a boy with a strong heart beat or a girl with a weak heartbeat lol cause my cousin has had 2 girls and both their heatbeats at 2 months was in the 180's....if in that case i hope its a boy with a strong heart beat


abriamiacadia - January 19

According to the ladies from my other forum they say dont take in account the old wives tale...babys heartbeats jump up and down all while they are in the belly =D


ash2 - January 19

My babies were both in the 140's and they were boys .


babyonboard16 - January 19

I didnt hear it til 12 weeks or so but i also a big girl and that can cause that the first time i saw the heart burn it was like 172 bpm that was at like 6 weeks...



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