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babyonboard16 - February 4

I don't PERSONALLY find it right for the girls who come here asking questions about birth control to hear about abstinence and not get their questions answered. I don't think it's right for these fakes to be here, and I definately think people are too damn catty around here sometimes. I love this board trust me on that, sadly more addictive than myspace has been, but it really sometimes bothers me to see some of the things that are said. I dunno it could be just me but I don't think a lot of the things that happen here are right.


tennesseewlkr07 - February 5

jw but what does catty mean? sorry i feel so stupid for asking this lol


babyonboard16 - February 5

lol its cool its a nice way of saying b___hy basically


Jessika2007 - February 5

I'm sorry you have a bad att_tude this is a free coountry so people have a right to ask questions even if people think its stupid its for us to judge and maybe you should change your att_tude alittle and maybe change your name but you know what I'm not like other people so I believe and think that people if they have questions ask them the only way people are going to understand about anything is if you ask there is nothing wrong with asking people for advice not everybody belives that but like I've said I'm not like everybody else so maybe like my parents have taught me if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it at all!!!! only if people would follow that advice though?


ChattyKathy - February 5

She isn't complaining about them asking questions, she is complaining about people who preach abstinence, make the girls feel bad, and never actually help them to get their questions answered.


ChattyKathy - February 5

Which, by the way, I think I forgot to mention that I feel the exact same way. Abstinence only preaching is best left to the church. In the real world, that isn't the best education and it can leave a lot of women uninformed, unprepared, and pregnant. WHICH is why states are discussing better s_x education for schools.


babyonboard16 - February 5

I AGREE with people asking questions, I'm saying people who get just one answer and dont get options to their questions would be frustrating. Read it through again please.


Jessika2007 - February 6

well I'm not saying that you don't want to hear people but when I read somethings to that sound like put downs then I automatically get offended,I apologize for not asking you what you mean ok I mean it I'm sincere ok


AyameLovesXion - February 7

I definitely agree. And the fakes... I mean come on, do they not have better things to do?


babyonboard16 - February 7

Jessika I'm not mad I was just saying and it's fine I just didnt want you to think that I'm one of those b___hy types ya know?


Jessika2007 - February 9

ok I don't want you to take things to heart and yes I do agree there are alot of fakes that I do anyways I'm due in end of september early october, this is my forth and I've never had m/c or nothing like that thank god I have 3 girls and hopefully this one is a boy but no matter what a girl or a boy as long as its healthy thats what matters, thanks for not being mad at me..


babyonboard16 - February 9

No problem I'm not the type to snap for no reason.



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