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Anon - October 12

This is all taken directly from information based on research. This isn't an attack on teenage parents, just attempting to give some extra info to clear up one or two of the arguments that keep cropping up. 1. THERE ARE SERIOUS HEALTH RISKS FOR ADOLESCENTS WHO HAVE BABIES. Common medical problems among adolescent mothers include poor weight gain, pregnancy-induced hypertension, anemia, s_xually transmitted diseases (STDs), and cephalopelvic disproportion. Later in life, adolescent mothers tend to be at greater risk for obesity and hypertension than women who were not teenagers when they had their first child. 2. CHILDREN BORN TO TEEN MOTHERS SUFFER FROM HIGHER RATES OF LOW BIRTH WEIGHT AND RELATED HEALTH PROBLEMS. The proportion of babies with low birth weights born to teens is 21 percent higher than the proportion for mothers age 20-24.8 Low birth weight raises the probabilities of infant death, blindness, deafness, chronic respiratory problems, mental retardation, mental illness, and cerebral palsy. In addition, low birth weight doubles the chances that a child will later be diagnosed as having dyslexia, hyperactivity, or another disability. 3. CHILDREN OF TEEN MOTHERS OFTEN RECIEVE INADEQUATE PARENTING. Children born to teen mothers are at higher risk of poor parenting because their mothers - and often their fathers as well - are typically too young to master the demanding job of being a parent. Still growing and developing themselves, teen mothers are often unable to provide the kind of environment that infants and very young children require for optimal development. Recent research, for example, has clarified the critical importance of sensitive parenting and early cognitive stimulation for adequate brain development. Given the importance of careful nuturing and stimulation in the first three years of life, the burden born by babies with parents who are too young to be in this role is especially great. 4. TEEN PREGNANCY COSTS SOCIETY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR. There are nearly half a million children born to teen mothers each year. Most of these mothers are unmarried, and many will end up poor and on welfare. Each year the federal government alone spends about $40 billion to help families that began with a teenage birth.


me - October 12

ok well most people on here are teenagers who are pregnant. great way to tell them they can do it.


Anon - October 12

Sorry, I should have been more clear. This was aimed at the teens ttc.


Vicky - October 12

i think teenagers ttc are a bit stupid yes...but youve just afended all the teen mothers and said there not gonna be good mothers! :o!


Bonnie - October 12

It shouldn't be offending to someone already pregnant. It is the truth of how it is. If you are already pregnant than use the knowledge to know what you are up against and make it work so that you do not become a statistic. And if you are TTC, it should give you something to consider. Good luck all.


Savanah - October 12

No... that was pretty rude to all the pregnant and PARENTING teens already on here. Basically you're saying that we CANT do it, and that we're just a waste of the taxpayers money. Well thank you. I enjoyed that very much. And it's people like you, Bonnie and Anon, that I'm glad to take money from, because you're so rude about it. There are lots of unwed, poor, and on welfare ADULTS so why critisize us?


Bonnie - October 12

How on earth am I rude? Who said you can't do it? Neither I nor the person who posted this topic said one word about that. The poster simply put up a Web site that gives statistical information. If you are a teenager trying to conceive, it should give you something to think about. If you already pregnant, hopefully it will give you something to think about so you do not belong in those groups either. As far as Welfare and "taking my money"....that system, is there for people who need help. Things happen all the time that we can't control. I have no issues with anyone on Welfare who needs help getting on their feet (yes, even if they were too stupid to use a condem because we all make stupid mistakes in life). I, myself, have even had to be on it before. I do have an issue with people who live off the system and don't try to better their lives. Stop jumping to conclusions Savanah. There are many young teenagers on this Web site still living at home with mommy, going to high school and purposely trying to get pregnant without thinking about the consequences to both the child and their own parents. Maybe if they see some of what can happen they will think twice. And hopefully those already pregnant and needing government a__sistance to get on their feet will choose to make something of their lives. I was not telling anyone they should not seek a__sitance if they need it (I guess you read my post wrong). I was stating to make it work (as in your life, not get a job, lol) so that you don't become a statistic.


R - October 13

I think there are lots of adults in that category too...I swear, you add a teen in there and it turns into a horrible thing.


anon - October 18

unfortunately, they are just the statistics, obviously not a personal viewpoint. how can a teenager do the job of a responsible adult when they aren't ready for it? i don't agree that all teens are incapable, but i do beleive that a lot of teens have a baby as a way of copping out of school, or trying to fullfil something that is missing in their life


Anon - October 19

Just wanted to make sure people know - the person who posted last wasn't me. I originated the post just to try to clear up some of the arguments that I see a lot on here, but I don't hold the same views as the last person who posted. This thread wasn't started with the intention of judging anybody. xx


TO TEENS - October 19

You know I am 31 years old and pregnant with my first child. I am not on here to put everyone down or anything, the info was correct, but I really don't think anon was trying to put people down, she was just trying to be informative. I do have cousins that got pregnant at 16 and 18. yes they went through pretty rough times, it is a challenge to have an infant. I am a preschool teacher that works in a nursery and I take care of 4 infants at the same time, so I consider myself pretty experienced, in my opinion patience has a lot to do with having a child, without it you are dead in the water, I think teens can very well make it although young it is just set in the mind, just stop doubting yourselves, their is plenty of help out there. I read the forums and I know it is hard to get advice, Carol sounds really ignorant and I can indeed understand why people are being so hard on her and why they are addressing her so much, you teens are trying to protect one another from false advice...I have been observing this sight and she has been on for a month having quite a bit of fun, it really makes me feel sad at the challenges teens had to overcome just to get advice, you never know who you asking! I really suggest you ask a medical expert also to be on the right track, at least you know who you are dealing with, I really pray that Carol can find another way to entertain herself other than messing with this forum, but she enjoys the negative attention. My advice is to please believe in yourselves and God really did give you a blessing. Good Luck to all of you!!


- October 19

Funny thing is that this is the age that our bodies are ready to have children. when we start our periods, thats the time that tells us we are ready to start reproducing. Our bodies cope with pregnancy better than someone who is older. Why are we able to get pregnant easier? Because our bodies are at their prime for parenting. It's the people who leave it later that end up with children with down syndrome and fertility problems. At least we can have children without having to go through infertility procedures to get us pregnant. Does anyone out there actually realise that? I do believe this was inappropriate to post on here. Post it on a ttc board if it was aimed at them. A majority of the people on here are already pregnant. Well as it is a teen pregnancy forum, I think it should be all of pregnant teens.


Rude? - October 19

I am tired of hearing teeny-boppers calling people RUDE. OK, so what? If you can't handle RUDE critisism then you are not tough enough to be a teen mother! Be prepared for a lot of RUDE people critisising you for a long time! And after that, the RUDE people (other kids especially) will make fun of your kid endlessly for having such a young mother who according to their young minds must have been a "s___t" to get pregnant so young. You're not doing anyone any favors with teh poor choices you've made. So dealing with RUDE people should be the LEAST of your worries!!!!


Bonnie - October 19

To: TO TEENS, well put! I am 34 and agree with you completely. I do feel bad for people trying to get good advice that get attacked on here (though too many teens make false claims of being attacked when someone simply doesn't agree with them). The original poster was not being rude at all, just listing some facts so that teens TTC will think twice, and so that teens already pregnant can make sure they work hard to be a good mom and not be a statistic.............To the poster who mentioned about bodies being ready to have children when their period starts. That's not really a good anaology for this day and age. 13 was fine to have babies back when people didn't live past their 20's. In this day and age to be a good parent, you need to be able to survive in this world. As far as older people having problems like Downs, this is not a risk until after age 35. Women are actually most fertile between the ages of 20 and 30, not when you first start your periods.


Bonnie - October 19

P.S. To clarify my comment of "teens already pregnant can make sure they work hard to be a good mom and not be a statistic" (as I think that came out wrong). I think it is okay for teens (or anyone in need) to be on Welfare if they are pregnant. The system is there to help people, even if it means you become one of the statistics in the first post. By working hard, I meant working hard at your life, i.e. getting it in order. Use Welfare to get on your feet and do something with your life so you aren't living off of it forever. Be a teen parent who was able to beat the odds and go on to better things in life. I just wanted to clarify that. Good luck all.


To Truth - October 21

You seem to think it is okay for teens to get pregnant? I know accidents can happen and people make mistakes. But there is nothing wrong in someone posting what the real-life statistics are so maybe teenagers will think twice before becoming pregnant.....You seem to think because you are able to get pregnant than you should? In this day and age? If that is your line of thinking than maybe a law should be pa__sed that anyone pregnant must be able to live on their own with their partner (i.e. no parents) and not be on any kind of welfare. If the baby cannot survive that way than mom and dad go to jail.............. Use your brain. Those programs are there to help people get on their feet. Other people have to pay for those programs. Someone who gets into trouble and needs temporary help is one thing, telling someone it is okay to get pregnant because they have nothing to worry about, that they can just be a welfare mom is stupid.


MELISSA - October 21




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