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need advice - September 16

ok well im 15, 16 the end of november. i was 7 weeks pregnant abit scared but looking forward to it. it was a mistake but i was dealing with the consequences because i got myself into the mess. then when i told my mom and family they said they would be supportive but they werent after a week my mom turned round and said if i dont have an abortion she is going to press charges on the babys dad who is 19 so i never get to see him again neither would the baby be able to. ive been with my boyfriend for 3 years. when i have a baby i want the dad to be around and help me because i know what its like not to have a dad around. i went threw with the abortion now i cant forgive myself ive killed a baby and i havent spoke to anyone since because they ask am i alright but really i know there happy my babys gone. what am i ment to do? do you think i should wait till im 16 to have a baby so my mom cant say or do anythink? my mom is a foster carer and has babies all the time in the house i look and get upset because shes looking after other peoples babies and she made me get rid or my baby. somebody please help


Grandpa Viv - September 16

That's sad. Of course, you do have all those foster babies to help with. Think of it this way. You only get to have two or three babies of your own in this life, and your job is to get them off to the best possible start so that when you are old you can be proud of the job you have done. Having babies before you are fully educated and have a job and husband and place of your own is not the way to go about it. The pain of your loss will go away slowly. Don't try to hang onto it. Start a life plan which includes interacting with the rest of the world and being a good and helpful person. Good luck!


Hi - September 16

Im sorry for your loss. It does get a little easier with time. If you get pregnant again at a young age you will be faced with the same consequences. Sweety if you get pregnant at 16, you will still have to deal with your mother. Just wait until your 18, and legally of age to have a baby with someone who is over 18. Just for now study hard, and save up your money in hopes that one day you will have your own place to raise your family. I know that you would want to provide the best for your baby right? You need a roof over your head, money for diapers, clothes, food, and babysitting. It will be eaiser if you finish school now, and get a short career so that you can provide for your baby. Be sure that the man you chose to have a baby with will stand by your side and help, becuz if not then it will be even harder to be a single mom with no education. Take Care, and best wishes.


thanx - September 16

thank you both 4 your answers its hard when ive got no1 to talk to because my boyfriend is upset aswel. i am going to wait till im older im just been selfish i want the best for my baby when i have one. thanx anyway


to need advice - September 18

Hey, ((((((((((Hugs))))))))))) it will be okay. i would just wait until your older. good luck


to grandpa viv - September 18

why the hell would she ONLY get to have 2 or 3 babies in this life? She could have 27 if she wanted to! How come no one questions this Grandpa viv guy? I think he is a dirty old pervert with CRAP advice... fark!!!!!


bump - September 19

i agree with the last comment i think grandpa viv is is sicko


Kristina - September 19

My friend was pregnant at 15 with an older boy's baby. Her father pressed charges but the only thing the boy got was porbation. Babys are gifts from God. It's going to be hard but you have to follow your heart. That's why I'm keeping my baby and I'm only 17.



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