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Rissa - April 18

Hey everyone I've been posting on and off. I went to my first prenatal exam today and the baby is healthy so far and i'm due August 1st! I figured I need someone to talk to so I'll keep everyone updated and stuff. A few things about me... I'm 17. I graduated when I was 15 from HS and am working as a CNA at a hospital and going to college full time! This baby was obviously unplanned but my bf is very excited. We haven't told our parents yet but hopefully we will this week... Talk to you all soon - Rissa


Jolleen - April 19

hey Rissa congrats on your healthy baby! how far along are you? good luck with everything


Britt - April 19

Hey, I'm Britt, 16, graduating hs in june and going to school to become a RN in labor and delivery pretty soon. (although i may take a little break) I am 21 weeks preg, due august 30..and I will find out what I'm having next week! anyways, keep us updated.


kayleigh - April 19

congrates im 16 and i had my baby girl on the 6th march shes now 6 weeks hope evrythink goes well for u . goodluck .


Rissa - April 19

I'm due August 1st... so 25 weeks! I gotta run be back later!~!


Alison - April 19

Hello Rissa.. Condrats on your pregnancy and im glad your baby is healthy. Im pregnant with my 4th baby and im due August 25th, but we are having the baby a week later so around August 18th or 19th. I just found out 2 weeks ago that we are having a little girl. Do you know what your having? If so what names do you got picked out? Hope to hear from ya. Take Care :O)


Rissa - April 21

WOW after two days your post really scoots down the line... anyways... I had my exam, and it went good! Then I had an ultrasound on Wed... yesterday and found out its a GIRL! Nick and I've decided on Caden Ryder... so far anyway. She weighs about 1 pound 11 Ounces and she is due July 30th... moved two days up from what I had expected!! THEN To top off Wed night we broke the news to our parents... and my parents took it well, VERY well, which I thank God for. His parents on the other hand didn't take it so well but hopefully they will get over it. Next appt is May 3rd! I'll keep you posted!



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