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Kimi - January 24

I am 17, last july i has a miscarriage at 8 1/2 weeks. i went through telling my parents and his mom, he was totaly supportive and excited, (his mom, well that was a different story) my mom was so excited after the shock. and so was i, well we all were. then the bleeding statred, all i did was cry. ever since then i think about it every day, i cant help it, it makes me feel crazy at times and every month i wait to miss my period i cant help it. is this really wrong? i mean that would have been our baby and we are still together to this day. i feel like i just miscarried yesterday then i count the months and realize it was 6 months ago i feel so crazy. is this normal for me to want to get pregnant again after losing the baby we expected? OH and god how could i forget....just a couple days ago i expected my period and i didnt come. i took like 5 pg tests and 2 of them were positive. then yesterday me and my bf were walking around the mall and i felt like i got my period then all of a sudden got the worst cramps of my life we ended up having to leave cause i couldnt even walk that much i was just in so much pain. does this sould like an early miscarrage? im just confused because of the two positive tests. if someone could respond that would be so helpful. and good luck you all of you young mommies. Love Kimi


Kimi - January 24

What i Posted Above was posted somewhere else on this site on Jan. 10th but no one responded so........someone please. and latley ive been feeling weird, bot like i did when i was pregnant before tho. are symptoms usually the same or even close. like if my b___bs hurt really bad when i got pregnant b4 would they nessicarily the next time?


Kimi - January 24

Not, not "bot"


Sarahkaye - January 25

The best thing would probably to go to your dr, then that way if you m/c they can look into it and see that maybe there is a medical reason. I dont want to scare you. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad about it counselling may help. If you hadnt missed a previous period i dont think you would notice it if it was a m/c. Most women never even know they are pregnant and just get their period like normal. As for the two positives, did you leave the tests for like longer then 1/2 hr and check cause a neg can turn to a pos in time like that ( was caught before)


:-) - January 25

Of course it's normal for you to want to be pregnant again. After you got over all the stress of telling everyone, you guys were excited to welcome someone new into your life. When something like that is taken away so quickly it can be heartbreaking! People handle these things in different ways, you're just dealing with it the only way you know how. Hang in there, your day(or 9 months) will come again. As for the incident in the mall..that sounds like it could have been a miscarriage but i dont know for sure. Go see your doctor and make sure everythings ok.


Kimi - January 25

Thankyou and i think i might be again im not sure tho i have to wait til the 8th of feb. to test i cant wait that long! its seem so much longer than 2 weeks when you are waiting for the time to take the test. i hope i am and thanks for your support! : )


Melissa - January 25

Yes you are normal.....I wanted to be like that right after I had a miscarriage...Now I might be pregnant again...I had my miscarriage dec. of 2003


Kimi - January 25

Im glad to hear im not the only one who feels this way, i have another question tho. the first day of my last pd. was Jan. 9th and according to all these sites my most fertile days were between the 22nd and the 25th. my and my b/f had s_x each day. but when i asked the chances of me being preg. on another site and typed in the dates it said the chances of me being preg. were only 15%....? i guess ill just wait til the 8th to test. i hate waiting!!!!!!!!


Kimi - January 26

as i said i cant stand the wait. when can you get a blood test done? can i just go to the hospital or do i have to make an appt.?


Kimi - January 27



tara - January 27

I belive it's 2 weeks to get an accurate count which is around the same time as the hpt test would work. But blood tests are more accurate. Also the test you did on this site never goes higher than 26% so I wouldn't put too much trust into it.



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