Something For The Pro Lifers

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Pro-choicer - February 9

Not your baby, not your life, not your decision, not your business.


Sarah - February 9

Exactly! Well said. I totally agree.


something for the pro-deathers - February 9

Is it wrong to help girls become "heros?"


gift of life - February 9

But it is the soul of the mother that concerns the ones against abortion. Murder is a sin that will send her to HELL. I read the BIBLE I know who the winner is if you do not maybe you should read the back of the book


Kaia - February 9

I totally agree! As for 'gift of life', the bible doesn't count as a moral reference guide to the world anymore, it's full of c___p. Get over yourself, what people do with their bodies is none of your business.


Touche - February 9

"Is it wrong to help girls become "heros?"" you missed out a few letters there, it should be "heroIN ADDICTs"


To gift of life - February 9

[email protected]@CKS


you - February 9

what is [email protected]@cks


amom - February 9

abortion debates are wasting peoples time in the pursuit of adoption.


andi - February 9

I agree- I am so pro-choice- no one can tell you what to do with your body- you can get a tattoo, a piercing, or whatever else you like - and if you aren't ready to have a child for whatever reason- no one should get in your way!!!! and to you Jesus freaks out there- get it through your head- EVOLUTION!!


nuts - February 9

who calls all prolifers jesus freaks......... no one is on here telling me what "RIGHTS" the baby has!!!!!! That's because selfish people give the baby NO RIGHTS. COme on human rights activists.......... be consistant. Tell me what human rights the baby has?


re:andi - February 9

what andi said is rather consistant with our society............ evolution.......... I mean since we came from animals, what is morality......... do what feels good...... even animals eat their babies, so it can't be wrong. Is this what we've come too? If you have actually looked at pictures of aborted babies then maybe I can say you are at least informed to the other side of the argument, but I think most of you prochoicers are just spouting out what you're sure you believe in...... and not thinking about what it does to the BABY.


Hilary - February 10

I'm prolife, but I'm not going to force a child on someone, I do think it's selfish. I also think they have enough to think about without the "look at a baby being aborted" c___p


re: Hilary - February 10

They should look at the pictures........ it's grim, but it's real. It can help them have the strength to NOT consider abortion as an option. That's worth alot later. There are so MANY people that regret the abortions they had when they were in there teens........... on here they need to see Mom's that CAN do it. That's why they're on here anyways. If they weren't interested in keeping there baby, they would probably already have gone to the nearest clinic........ or gone on the Planned Parenthood website that schools promote. Anyway, there are alot of people on here who are "unsure" about what to do. That means that they are toying with having an abortion (quite often because there parents or boyfriends want them to, etc.) I am against forcing a woman to have a baby..........I am also against forcing a woman to have an abortion. Seeing such pictures will solidify in there young minds to stand by what they REALLY want for there baby, and not be pushed around.


pro choice - February 10

why do people call a foetus a baby?? it is NOT a baby, its a 'potential' baby....until it can survive outside the womb, it is NOT a baby!!! people who play on others peoples emotions really p__s me off


What a world - February 10

I have never seen such single mindedness and interference in other peoples affairs than people who bang on about abortion being murder. JUST MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! IF SOMEONE WANTS TO DO IT ITS GOT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.


re becca - February 10

I am not making a choice for any girl........ the choice is still ultimately theirs......... no pictures will change that. Oh and by the way to gift of life: Murder does not send you to hell. God judges each situation separately............. that's what grace is about. No, my Mom had an abortion, and I still love her. It's ok. I just worry about the ones being pressured to have abortions they don't want. That was the way it was in my MOm's case and she never forgave herself. Her parents made her have one.



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