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angelll - February 7

okay so I am a little excited this time I think it may be for real, me and my boyfriend have been trying for about 7 months, I have been up to 7 days late befor just from hoping I was preg. I am 5 days late right now. and I dont quite feel my self, the main thing is I have horrible cramps in my lower tummy, feels like period cramps but I have had them for about 4 days now, I never get period cramps except the day befor I get my period, this time is different I have had them for about 4-5 days and I am 5-6 days late, could I be pregnant? I know most of you will say get a home preg. test, I though of that already! my boyfriend keeps telling me to forget about it and we will know soon enough, does that sound like I may be to anyone elce?


angelll - February 7

also back pain and when my lower tummy isnt cramping it feels tight/tence anyone got any thoughts that may help me? please.


xsarahx_18x - February 7

hey, the only way of knowing is to get a test and as your periods have been late before it might not really be much to go on.. get a test to put your mind at rest! gd luck x x


xoxticiaxox - February 7

I dont know hard to tell, most people get a feeling when they are pregnant! I knew I was pregnant before I even took the tests, because my bowel movements changed...and I just knew...take a test though if your really not sure! Good luck I really hope you are!


abriamiacadia - February 8

I should take a test, but you may want to wait a couple more weeks/days. I actually had HUGO period cramps cept they were the worst things I could ever imagine. Thats what made me go buy a test, so go get one in a days or so, and take it. Good Luck!


angelll - February 8

how did your test come out, abriamiacadia? cause these cramps are really bad. and I never get cramps for more then a few hours or a day at the most and just befor my period, I think I will get one today ill let you know what happens


Noodle - February 8

i remember when i was pregnant with my first. i didnt want to buy a test, because i was having such horrendous cramps for days and days i was bound to start my period. i got to the point where the cramps were so bad i couldnt walk home and had to get a bus three stops. i took a test and found out i was pregnant. had a scan and was nearly in my second trimester!


abriamiacadia - February 8

My test came out positive well lol all 5 tests came out positive. My fiance is the one who made me buy it. lol So tell me what happens, tho it may be too soon to tell. Good Luck! =D


ChattyKathy - February 8

You ca test as soon as your period is late.. So just do it now.


abriamiacadia - February 8

-Noodle- LMAO your second trimester? i was like...6-7 wks when i found out lol.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 8

Your boyfriend can't tell you not too...if you want one get one...its better to know then to not know


angelll - February 10

my boyfriend wasnt really telling me not to, but we have gotten so many tests befor and were disapointed, and he convinced me this time a little but I was so sure, so yesterday he went out and got a test cause I still had cramps AND STILL DO, well we are expecting!!!! I am so happy, I just have to get to the Dr.s now!


EricaLynn - February 10

I had cramps in the begining of my pregnancy too. Like period cramps only diffrent I guess.....



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