Sorry It Took So Long

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guccigal87 - February 15

well girls.. i had my little guy FINALLY!! only 3 days overdue! i had him on january 29th.. at 1:17 pm.. my labor was really nice actually.. i went in sunday morning and they induced me at 830... they didnt use a drip though they inserted something into my cervix.. it started my contrations and they were about 3 minutes apart by the afternoon.. then at 5 my water broke! it was sooo gross i was so embarrassed i thought i had peed myself but it kept comming and comming HUGE mess! haha my water breaking stopped my contrations so they decided to wait until morning to start anything up again.. but after about 2 hours i got the contrations back again.. all through the night i was getting them really bad and at 6 am i was in soo much pain that i said they needed to give me drugs... soo they did.. the epi was SOO amazing and i slept through me WHOLE labor didnt feel a thing or remember seeing anyone it was amazing i really needed that sleep since i had been up all morning.. i pushed for about an hour if that.. apparently im a good pusher but i just wanted him out SOOO bad and he was born at a healthy 8 and a hlaf lbs EXACTLY! hes soo cute and is growing soo big even now i see how different he looks then when he was first born.. i have some pictures on my piczo site.. its you can go look ill put more of the older ones up soon!! anyways just thought i should let you all know! ttyl


ChattyKathy - February 15

Your little boy is adorable. congratulations.


AyameLovesXion - February 16

Congrats, he's gorgeous!


LaurenandAtticus - February 16

Omg!! I have been waiting for this for sooo long! I am so excited I am sure he's an adorable b___terball. I will go check out the pictures now =] LaurenK


Bluespace86 - February 17

OMG Congrats!! I have not been on here forever!! He's such a cutie =D Laauurren, I'm such a procrastinator, gotta email ya sometime. Oh yeh gucci my myspace is!


guccigal87 - February 18

aww thank you girls!! lauren i havent talked to you forever how is your little guy doing he must be getting SOOOOO big omg!! and bluespace how are you doing with your little one too! i cant beleive how big they get soooo fast!! i look at austin and im like I CANT BELEIVE HE IS SOO BIG!! haha and everyone is like he is soooo tiny and im like WHAT NO!!



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