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alydabom - February 10

I am on birth control, so me and my long term boyfriend don't have protected s_x. I am not always the best at taking it at the *exact* same time every day, and we have alot. I am on my last week of pills and i have been feeling kinda off. I have been nausated, and have had more headaches, lower uterin cramps (almost everyday but not to painful), food aversion and cravings, and the sides of my br___ts hurt and my boyfriend said they are bigger and my nipples *appear to him lol* darker, and i have had more of a clearish/white discharg *which COULD be a yeast infection but smells different than that i think*. I have been on birth control for like 3 years and im probably just thinking up symptoms, but i would be incredibly happy to have a baby :) please help? oh i forgot to mention i have a heightened sense of smell... i smelled things that my bf didn't or like 5 minutes before he could smell it and it was always strong thought my nose seems stuffy, and a week ago my throat was hurting like strep, but i didn't have it...? does that mean anything too?!? is it capable of having all these symptoms so early? ha


amanda17 - February 10

Are you positive about the day you may have conceived? It would be very hard to tell if you have s_x often. Are your periods few and far between due to your birth control? It is also possible to get a regular period while you are pregnant. You seem to be having all the signs and that being so, you can take a test now and it should be accurate. If it comes up positive, that's your answer. If it's negative, try waiting a few days or even a week and take another test. If it's negative again then that's your answer.


alydabom - February 10

ha yeah thanks i didn't know you could have a period while pregnant?? woah weird!! but i kinda hope i am pregnant :) having a child would be amazing. but yeah i heard just not taking the birthcontrol at the exact time everyday can make you easily able to get pregnant...i take ortho tri cyclin its even a low dose...does this mean anything either??


alydabom - February 10

and i don't know what you mean by few and far between due to my birth sorry but it is a 21 day pack that i have been taking for 3 years now lol and i heard that the soar throat thing could possibly be a sign or the feeling like cold *congested, stuffy, caugh* type thing could be too.... is that true?


amanda17 - February 11

Sorry, but as a teen mother I am outraged that you would hope to be pregnant. That's like hoping for years of struggling. You don't want to be pregnant because from what I can see you don't know what pregnancy consists of, therefore you could not possibly know what having a child consists of. Acting on ignorance is a terrible thing. My question was do you have a regular period that comes every month. Some women on birth control have no periods, some get them every couple of months. Birth control messes with your system. This should have been explained to you when the pills were prescribed. If you are congested and coughing frequently I'd say you have a cold, not a pregnancy.


alydabom - February 11

well first off, he is technically my fiance were getting married in july. i am 19 years old i turn 20 in a couple weeks so i won't be a teen any more, so please don't judge me for saying that. And i haven't really gotten sick much this year, until the past couple weeks. So i don't know what to think...i am still having constant uterus cramps but they aren't terrible, just there, lol and my b___bs hurt worse and worse..,...


amanda17 - February 11

Your age doesn't make a difference. You are still entirely ignorant. It's not necessarily a bad thing, and it's not an insult. You just shouldn't have kids without being educated. That's my opinion. As for you being engaged, that doesn't make the slightest difference either. There are women who get engaged at 14... does that automatically make them mature? Nope... It makes them more stupid actually. So you haven't gotten sick in a while... Maybe it's about time.


jj32 - February 11

cold symptoms can actually be a big sign of pregnancy


alydabom - February 12

yeah i was sick like with a soar throat about a week n a half a ago, then cold symptoms and then last night my throat hurt a lil bit again and this morning too... lol but yeah it maybe time and i do agree there are people who get pregnant without being educated that is right, but i don't think that i am "uneducated" as for that, and i wasn't trying to get pregnant, if i am, i am on birth control... but you are right. thanks.


amanda17 - February 12

Having a runny nose is a possible sign of pregnancy... but being congested, coughing, having a sore throat.... No, not to my knowledge.


alydabom - February 12

yeah i heard that i think, lol but my throat doesn't really hurt anymore, its more like i have flem i need to caugh up and its getting stuck in my throat, it isn't scratchy i think it was just the morning scratch, but anyways im going to the doctor tomorrow because of the cramping im afraid if it's not pregnancy i dont know what it would be... thanks for all the help!


unsure_92 - February 15

alydabom- how u going??


alydabom - February 16

ok so heres an update! i went to the doctor on Friday and she took a pee test and said it wouldn't be 100% accurate BUT it was negative. I started (what i think) is my period yesterday when i stopped taking my pills on wednesday and she said that my pills are such a low dose of hormones that it wouldn't hurt the baby if i am/ if i ever get pregnant while on them. It has been sorta different and i know you can have your period but i don't know and i am still sick going to the doctor today to see if i have pneumonia lol. So within the next week i will possibly go back if my cramps don't subside. thanks for everything!



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