Sounds Like I M Pregnant

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dandycandy - January 14

Ok, my last normal period was Novermber 25 2006. I am on a 34 day cycle, and was due on December 29 2006. My period was a now show, but I did have a very light pink bleed. It was only there when i wiped, and lasted less than an hour, and not even enough to get on to a pad. Which to me sounds exacly like implantation bleeding. I am 2 weeks late now, and usually regular. I also was naueated a few days, now I am only over certain smells- cooking meat is the worst! For about two weeks I've been having cramping in my lower abdomen. I've had light headaches behind my eyes, and lower backaches. And for the past week my nipples hurt SO bad, and kind of tingly. Heres the catch. I've take two home preg tests and both were negative. The first I think was too early, but the second it deffinatly should have showed. Anybody have any advise as to what all this could be, or do you think the test was wrong?


freebird - January 14

It is possible to imagine pregnancy symptoms, I know when I was trying to get pregnant there were months that I would have SWORN that I was, I mean I had every symptom in the book including being 2 weeks late. My doc said it was a cycle where I didn't ovulate. It's also possible that both tests you took were too early. Those tests measure the level of HCG in your urine and it's possible that enough hadn't built up yet for the test to register. I would take another test and if it's still negative a visit to your doctor is in order. They can do a blood test to see if you're pregnant and if you're not tell you why your period didn't show. Good luck!


ChattyKathy - January 14

a__suming you are pregnant, some women just don't take too kindly to home tests. For some, a blood test is required. I guess some women just don't build up the HCG as quickly as the average woman.


Grandpa Viv - January 15

Did you have a contraceptive accident Dec 10-16? You don't list tired, ga__sy, peeing, discharge as signs, but the rest are significant. We had a woman post a few days ago who did not get a positive test in the whole first trimester. Call the doc if you can't get one by the time you miss a second period, and meanwhile take prenatal vitamins, watch drink, smokes, drugs etc. Good luck!



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