Spent A Night At The Hospital

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AddysMummy - July 29

So hubby and I were having some GREAT personal time. I mean greatt!! I was lovin' every minute. Well anyways, he pulled out and I was BLEEDING!! So we went to ER and they did blood tests, pee tests, they did a U/S and did an internal. They say that everything is ok but I spent the entire morning/night there and I am EXHAUSTED. Still have big U/S today! Oh and I had my dr. appt this morning at 10, or that is what the lady put down and when I got there they said 9:30. So we had to re schedule to the next open time which is thursday so -_-; Oh and I also had to ask MYSELF what to do about this, but in the u/s I noticed my placenta fairly close to my cervix. There is a small chance I have placenta previa but I was told my placenta is more than likely to "migrate" as my uterus and the baby grows. So hopefully... :)


amanda17 - July 29

I had a pap smear when I was pregnant and just from that little q-tip I bled (spotting) for several hours. They said I just have a sensitive yoo-hoo. It's Tuesday, LETS HEAR THAT GENDER!!!


angelmonkey - July 29

i bled most times i had s_x at the begening of my pregnancy but only loke spotting the doctor advised us not to have it so rough (imposible for me) so i just decided not to have s_x for a while as i was to scared to bleed again but everything seems fine now, also the doc said there is nothing related to miscarraige and having s_x but they advise not to if you get red bleeding, i wonder what it was i know its common in early pregnancy but not late pregnancy! have you not had your scan yet! its like 11pm on tuesday here lol


amanda17 - July 29

Oh is the appointment you're talking about the gender ultrasound appointment? Ugghh I know a few pregnant people and all of them had their gender ultrasounds postponed. I get so excited to hear it and then it's like nope you gotta wait WTFSERIOUSLY


newbaby2009 - July 30

Y didnt they tell you the gender when they checked to see why you were bleeding?


AddysMummy - July 30

The ultrasound techs here can't literally tell me anything. Especially if I go in for what I did. But I missed my appt this morning apparently it was at 9:30 yet I was told 10 and the lady wrote down 10. But I did go to my US have update as another post :)


V9653 - July 31

I think there is a missed point in this post-CONGRATS ON THE GREAT "PERSONAL TIME"-You lucky biatch...from those of us who aren't getting "great personal time". LOL!!! Congrats on the baby girl!!! I saw your ultrasound pics and they are like a piece of art-beautiful. That baby is already precious-the government should just pay you and your hubby to procreate. Also some of you other girls would fall itno that category too! Hell i should be paid too...LOL!!! Night ladies, I'm taking my insomniac b___t to bed-I'm getting sooo silly.


AddysMummy - July 31

Thank youuu :)



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