Sperm 101

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Audrey - June 8

Several threads on here are filled with questions about sperm and what circ_mstances are required for pregnancy. Here's an answer for all of them. Semen is a mixture of fluid from several glands, it contains lubricating fluids, sugars, and of course sperm. One drop of semen contains thousands of sperm, and each one has a chance of causing a pregnancy. Sperm are a hardy bunch, if they get anywhere near the va___al area they will try to make their way inside, even from the outside of the va___a or "wet" underwear. During an erection a man produces what is called "pre-c_m" which is a lubricant for the semen to follow. Often it does contain sperm so a woman can get pregnant from it if she happens to be in her fertile zone (days 9-16 of a normal cycle). The sperm will live so long as the semen is fresh. They don't die immediately on contact with air, the semen must dry out completely first. So if your bf has wet semen on his hands and fingers you, that's risky business. Very hot water will kill sperm because they can only tolerate a small range of temperature. The inside of a woman's reproductive system is a harsh place for sperm, but generally they can live between three and five days inside before dying, but sometimes longer. This is why a woman's fertile zone is so long, even though ovulation usually happens around Day 14 the fertile period begins six days before. I hope this anwers a lot of people's questions.


anon - June 9

I'm sorry to say this Audrey, but people will STILL come in here saying "um, some of his sperm got on my leg, can I be pregnant?" It was awesome of you to post this, but I'm afraid you just waisted your time. This post will get flooded and pushed to page 4 or beyond with a bunch of nonsense posts about girls who say they're 8 and pregnant.


Jesus - June 9

It's true.


Disgusted - June 9

Bump - this is important.


Kc - June 10

Audrey i think that was very thoughtful that you put in a post like that because obviously these 8-13 yr old girls dont understand that it just takes so little for her to get pregnant alot of these girls dont know that and if they're smart theyll take that information and acutally use it i think your setting a good example because we cant prevent teens from having s_x but we can prevent them from getting pregnant and being safe thanks you even filled me in on some more discriptive information!!


Kc - June 10

And i dont think you wasted your time and if a girl got sperm on her leg and thinks she might be pregnant then she can get a pregnancy test or wait to see if her periods late...common sense...... thats what these FLOODED posts are about girls with late periods and having UNPROTECTED s_x lol not they got sperm on there leg.....sorry "anon and JESUS" (nice name btw)


Disgusted - June 12

Bump again.


[ ] - June 13



Audrey - June 14

I'm still seeing questions on this issue so I'm bringing it to the top again.


kristy - June 16

this may sound stupid... but is your fertile zone when you're on your period?


Audrey - June 16

Kristy- No. The day you start your period is Day 1. Count the days after that, and your fertile zone is days 9-14 (a__suming a 28 day cycle).


kristy - June 16

So what exactly IS your fertile zone?


Audrey - June 16

Kristy- I answered your question in my other post "Ovulation 101".


Bump - June 17



HI - June 18

I gave my boyfriend a b__w job, could I be pregnant cuz I swallowed? . LOL SORRY! I HAD TO ASK!!! J?K


--- - June 21

Bringing this back to the top.


bump - June 23

Bumping this up.



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