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protected but worried - April 11

Hello, Im 14 and my periods have never really been regular. I've had protected s_x and none of the condoms leaked from what we could see. Whats worring me is that my body proportions have been changing, weight staying the same but stumach increasing in volume. Its not hard, more like just fat but no weight change. Also I had small, light amounts of blood a few days ago. I had had intercourse two and eight days before. Could this be spotting? Or did I just manage to hurt myself? Or a period that didn't start correctly? What does it mean? Thanks for any help


katie - April 11

hey im 14 to and 31 wks pregnant but i really dnt think u are pregnant cause u have been using condoms...but if u want to b on the safe side but a home pregnancy test and take it gd luck =) xxx katie


Audrey - April 11

What days of your cycle did you have s_x on? This is important because days 9-16 are your most fertile time. (Day 1 is the first day of your period.) Condoms are highly effective for preventing pregnancy but they can still fail. If you miss your next period, take a home pg test. Best wishes!


Protected by worried - April 12

As for the days of my cycle.... its odd. My last regular period was on march 2nd. Then I had s_x on the 10th,14th,24th, Then I had s_x on the 30th and April 1st. On april 1st he ejaculated in the condom, so we stopped and he took it off. The closest I got to him during that was 6 inchs away, we didn't touch till after we were dressed. Then the next time was April 7th. the saturday after that last day I had little droplets of light blood that was slightly pale. See, my period has never regulated itself so I don't know if this is okay or not. Ive been up to around the two month range without a period before (before I lost my virginity), so I don't know. Thanks those who respond


Audrey - April 12

Protected- If your cycle had been regular, then March 10th-14th would have been your most fertile time. However since you had spotting on April 9th then you might have ovulated very late, maybe around April 1st. It's hard to tell. I hope that everything goes all right for you.


Protected & No longer worried - April 13

Thank you so much, everyone who responded. My worries havbe been eased, period came today thank the lord. And thank you all for your help!



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