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EricaLynn - May 29

Hey Im 10 weeks pregnant and I think Im spotting....I dont know what to do, Im going to talk to my dr tomarrow or go to the er if it gets any worse. I dont have any cramping or anything like that and it is super super light....but of course I am still really nervous. My mom spotted with my sister and everything was fine, we have seen a heartbeat via ultra sound and I read online that your chances of continuing your pregnancy was 90% if you had a heartbeat already. What should I do Im so nervous!?


young_mum_2_b - May 29

hey...i think wat u just said is a good idea..keep an eye out for it to get heavier or darker...and if it does go to er....if not just wait til tomorrow to see what your doctor says.....i cant tell u much about the heartbeat thing...but good luck


maren - May 29

this might be personal but... Fif you have s_x around the time you started spotting? i had some spooting and it freaked the c___p out of me (it happened at work and i almost started crying i was so scared) not alot but some blood in the toilet and when i wiped it only happened twice that same day and because it went away and only happened when i used the bathroom i didnt call my doctor but when i asked her about it thats the first thing she asked me. I had s_x the night before i had the spotting she said that because we have increased blood flow and stuff s_x may irratate the cervix and cause slight bleeding. She told me that as long as i dont have cramps with it and heavyer bleeding all is fine. She also said the same thing about the heart beat because i went to see her before i told my parents and she said well if we hear a heart beat the chances of lossing the baby decreas by about 90% so if we find it you have to tell your parents before your next appointment....we found it so.


Emma2 - May 30

Intercourse can cause you to spot due to too a sensitive cervix. Are you having intercourse or doing strenous activities?


EricaLynn - May 30

Thanks ladies, no I havent been having s_x, but it has stopped. I think I over reacted because it was so light and didnt even look like blood, just a tint. I kind of think that it was in my urine though, not even "spotting". I am going to talk to my doctor about it today though. Thanks for all your input, maren the 90% thing I wasnt sure about, but thank you for confirming it. We havent heard a heartbeat yet but we saw it on an ultrasound. So it does have a heartbeat....YAY



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