Started Bleeding 5 Days Early Different Confused Help

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celediaz - December 5

Hi, (i know its alot...but im really confused)i was wondering if this is a normal period or if it could be implantation? i have been ttc for months and months! (sry again if theres tmi) we had s_x on Friday Nov.23 and the weekend before that and some other days of the week. my period was supposed to come around the 6th ..Dec 6. on sun dec 2nd i noticed some light bleeding. it was bright red. not alot on pad only when i wiped. then on monday dec.3 it got a little heavier..not alot did have little clots when i used the bathroom. Today tues dec.4th it went light clots no nothing some on my pad only see it when i wipe mostly. it looks like its going stayed bright red all the 3 days.last night it went away... Today dec 5th around 4 pm i started bleeding again...some spots on pad...mostly see it when i use the bathroom or wipe..just now again i saw a clot... i did experience some cramping. also on sun dec 2nd when it started mi temp.went up alot/// my normal temp is 96..97...after that friday of having s_x (nov .23) some days after i really didnt keep track started going up 98..99..but on that Sunday Nov.2nd when this bleeding started it went up to 100.2...the after went back to 98's. did anyone ever experience something like this and got pregnant?? what do you think this could be?? anyone Confused Thanks!


tish212 - December 5

I wish I had an answer for this...all I can say is if u want to know for sure u should test.... gl and hope u are !


celediaz - December 5

thanks anyways! and yes im waiting for this to end so that i can test


hope-31 - December 5

you dont have to wait because if your bleeding is implantation your test will be positive.test now.good luck


Teddyfinch - December 5

and tell us what it is!!


celediaz - December 6

today..dec 6 my period was supposed to get here ..all i woke up too was some brown blood. no more bleeding up till now.


hope-31 - December 6

why havent you tested?your killing us .we want to know,go take a hpt,pretty please.


Grandpa Viv - December 6

Pink and brown when wiping is a frequent description of implantation. Elevated temps (not usu. over 100) are often a sign. No other signs like tired, peeing, appet_te, aches, smells, gut etc? Wait until Sunday morning to tesst first am pee, and plan to repeat a week later if necessary. Good luck!


celediaz - December 6

im sorry!! im waiting until the weekend..i know! this waiting thing is killing me too!... and yea i had cramps but only on my right side. for a little while and before i had some headaches..and sometimes nausea..and yes ive been eating alot! i dont know if this is because of the nerves?


cherish_28 - December 12

Hi there I bleed on and off during my pregnancy...from 12 wks, stopped then started at 4-5 months(off n on)....if I didnt do a test after being a few days over due on my 1st period I wouldnt have known that I was pregnant at all until 3 months or so. And my sister in-law didnt know she was pregnant until she was 5 months, only because this was her 1st pregnancy and thought that spotting was just having her you really never know unless you have a test done



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