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Alyssa - April 7

i am 15 and my boyfriend and i want to have a baby we have had s_x a few times sence we have made the decision we really do love each other and are both so excited but i know my mom is going to tell me i through my life away but i know we can do this am i crazy?


trinesha - April 7

hi Alyssa. everyone ha their own opinion an and my opinion is that i think you shouldn't throw ya life away like that cause you are very young and you have a lot of time to have a baby.i know you and your boyfriend love each other but are you really ready to be responsible for a life that you brought in this world.THINK ABOUT IT!


katie - April 7

im go to say think bout it..before u do anything and ur not crazy lots of ppl want babys.and it wud b better if u waited but im only 14 and im 31wks pregnant and really excited and everything and havin a baby aint goin stop u bein "sucessful" =D but gd luck and take care xxx katie


TO ALYSSA - April 7



kno wat ur going through!! - April 7

Hya I was in the same situation as you. Me and my boyfriend have been 2geva for 15 months now and we are still deciding wheather to try now. If you think it feels right for you then go ahead with it, whatever you decide it will be the best for you and your boyfriend and don't let people tell you otherwise. Good luck with whatever u decide to do, and it will be the right one for you. x x x


Audrey - April 8

Alyssa- If you talk to your mother about she'll probably have some good advice to you. My suggestion is to wait a few years until you've finished school and have a job that will give you some financial security before you think about starting a family. Having a baby is a huge responsibility and a lot of work. Best wishes!


Elissa - April 21

Hey Alyssa, you sound like a really sweet, bright girl, so use those strengths to make something of yourself before you have a baby. Long ago it worked pretty well for girls to have babies at 15 or 16, but now it doesn't. There's plenty of time to have babies, and if your boyfriend is really "the one," then he'll still be around in 5 years when you're a little older. Enjoy your teen years without a baby, then be a young mom at 20 if you want. You'll still feel like a young, hip mom, but you'll have a job too! And you won't be flipping burgers for the rest of your life if you can get an education first. I had a baby and THEN went to college, trust me, it would have been easier the other way around. Good luck!


hanny - April 25

yah u r crazy


ME - April 26

love each other... you dont know what love is... get a life you pair of selfish little idiots


Natasha - April 27

Please dont do it cuz if yal planned it it's not going to last trust me


MARIA - April 27

well you should think it through aliitle cause you never know what could happen


Waiting - April 28

Hi, I am in the same situation as you when i was 16 and starting going out with the guy i am with now we decided we wanted children but i would suggest unless you are living on your own and both of you have jobs to wait until you are older and both of you are working and can live together it will be much easier. I know it's hard and I am going through the same thing, I want so bad and every day that's all I can think about but i know it will be much better when we are living together.


Waiting - April 28

if you want to talk to someone who knows what you are going through you can contact me, [email protected] I know how you feel and that you want this, but you should probably wait. That's what me and my guy have deciced to do. It will better for the kid to live in a situation where his/her father is there everyday and not only when he can come visit.



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