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anonymous? - May 23

I know that this is a pregnancy forum, but I can't find anywhere else online that I can get alot of responses to, and I sort of what a few opinions on this. Well, I'm 16. I've had s_x with 8 people, 4 of which being unprotected, and since I realized how stupid I was being, and how I shouldn't even be having s_x at 16, and that having s_x without a condom is completely and utterly stupid, I've made better decisions. But, that still doesn't change the fact that I've had unprotected s_x with 4 people. A few days ago, I was showering and about to shave the genitals, and I noticed that I had just one really small skin colored bump under my hip area, still in the va___al area. It was there for a few days, and then now, today, I see that I have a skin colored blister-like bump, it's maybe a centimeter big, there's no head on it, and it doesn't hurt. It's pretty much flat, but I'm pretty worried. I was reading about symptoms of herpes, and I didn't see any signs that I have besides the bump. I looked at pictures of what herpes outbreaks look like, and my little bump looks NOTHING like that. All the pictures I saw were dark red/pink blisters, and were in very large clusters, but the size did vary. I just am wondering if there are any other things that can cause blister-like bumps around that area besides an STD. Also, where can I get tested at only 16 without parental consent? And can I deal with this on my own, without telling my parents? I really don't want to let them down by telling them this, and my brother will find out, then all my friends, and soon the entire school, and I'll be the laughing stock of the town. I don't want that. Also, say I do have it, after I get tested, how do I cope with that? And how do I ever find someone to be with, nobody wants to be with someone who has an STD. Although this is unrelated, it would be greatly appreciated if someone, atleast a few people could respond. I really need some answers, and the online stuff that I've looked at just isn't answering everything for me. Thanks.


Crystal - May 23

Ok hun, first and formost until you find out for sure, please don't stress out about it, you will only make things worse for yourself in an already scary time. I would suggest going to a Planned Parenthood to get tested. They are totally confidential and if you do have something, they will be able to help. As for handling it on your own...if you have a bacteria like Chlamydia, one dose of meds should get rid of it...just make sure you don't have s_x while on the meds or until you get re-tested to see if it's gone. But, if you have a virus, like Genital Herpes, there is no cure and you will need meds for a long time. Now, having herpes or genital warts is not the end of the world, you can still have a normal s_x just need to be honest with your s_xual partners and use protection ALL THE TIME! Seriously, you really need to get tested, because if you have an STD, the longer you wait, the more damage it could do, especially to your reproductive organs. I'll be honest with you, I had Chlamydia, and I do not know how I got it because I had never had unprotected s_x, and the doctors told me if I had waited any longer on getting tested, the bacteria could have spread into my uterus, preventing me from having kids. Just go to Planned Parenthood and get tested, again, they are confidential. Most likely you just had a pimple or something, which is normal, and having unprotected s_x probably made you a little paranoid. But, if it does come out you do have something and it's a virus and not a bacteria, you might have to tell your parents. Good luck hun...and if you want to talk more or just need someone to listen, don't hesitate to post.


blah - May 23

I do need someone to talk to, do you have AIM or Yahoo IM or anything?


Crystal - May 23

yes, i have yahoo and aim...i wont post my yahoo on here cause its my e-mail addy too, but if you want, my aim name is Cinnamabun214 ill sign on so if ur still on here go ahead and IM me


ellie - May 23 go to that site.. i am pretty sure it is an std.. it may just be a pimple... i live in australia and your doctor can't tell your parents anything about your medical history after you turn 14 (or 16, one of the two) , what country do u live in??


Hmmm - May 24

You could have an ingrown hair -- which may make you feel silly after going to the doc to find THAT out. Or it could be genital warts--in any case you will feel much better after getting a professional opinion.Go see a doc. Planned Parenthood really sounds like the best option for you--if you live in a country with it. They are very inexpensive. or 1-800-230-7526 in the US


Girl - May 25

You could have a form of HPV . HPV is a__sociated with genital warts and the way you are describing them. This seems what you may have. If they do not itch or hurt then you might want to go get tested for HPV and see what type you got. There are many types and most types are harmless . There are about 5 types that are a__sociated with genital warts and they can be really big and really small. And it is said that the warts clear up within six months and if the don't you can get them removed.But if it is not herpes then it may be a type of HPV. Be careful and you might want to check for the HIV virus as well if you are having unprotected s_x like that.



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