Still A Virgin But Could Be Pregnant

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Melissa - September 3

I am almost 17 years old and I have recently been dating an older guy. We decided that I wanted to wait before having s_x however four weeks ago while making out he took off my underwear and tried to push his way in. After a couple seconds I realized what was going on and ordered him to stop and he did so right away. I asked him what he did and he insisted that he was only inside me just a little bit for no more than two seconds and did not ejaculate. However on this fourth week I have yet to have my period, my br___ts are sore, and my stomach hurts but my periods are so irregular that I don't know if I should stress out or not. Two days ago I took an E.P.T. test and it said I'm not pregnant. But I am not convinced.Everyone I've talked to agrees that there is a slim chance I could be pregnant but considering we did not have intercourse it's unlikely. I did not record my last period because sometimes they come every month other times I'll go two and a half months without a period so I don't know what to do. I waited long enough to take the test and it came up negative, all the stress is driving me crazy. Should I continue to worry about it?


m - September 3

I think things will be pretty safe. I know that irregular periods can make you think that somethings happening that isn't. If you start feeling other symptoms, then go to the doctor and ask for a blood test to confirm it. But for not, the chances are extremely low. Goodluck with it


Shannon - September 3

You should be ok. You need to make him respect you though!!! pre-ejaculation does carry sperm. Good Luck


Keira - September 4

There's always a slim chance that you could be pregnant, but I wouldn't bank on it. Pregnancies like this are about 1 in 10,000. So, I wouldn't worry yourself sick over it. Take another test in a couple of weeks, and if that one comes out negative too, then you're fine. Good lucky, honey.


Hello - September 4

Hon, it sound like you had intercourse even if it was just a few seconds inside of you. You are very close to having s_x. Time to get on some b/c and get some condoms. Planned Parenthood is a good place to get free private care. While you there get a pregnancy test done. You can get pregnant off of pre-c_m. Your signs sound like upcoming periods or early pregnancy. Take care


Heaven - September 4

well there is a slim chance because of the pre-ejaculatory fluid that is in you. Well, I guess you should go to your OB and make a preg test cause it is more accurate than HPT


L - September 4

i wouldnt worry about it, it is very rare that without intercourse u will be pregnant if u look at the statistics its a very slim chance, and considering you have irregular periods that is even more of a reason not to worry, if u had all of a sudden missed a period and have always been regular then i MIGHT worry but i think you will be fine, especially if u took a test and it came up negative, all those signs u have with ur b___bs and stomach are signs of period coming and could be caused by a million other things, if u are still worry then go to a doctor or take another test.



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