Still Confused Should I Just Let It Go

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pg08 - November 26

I'm back.I fell on my period 2 day and da last preganncy test I took was negative. I feel so bad. Cramps r killing me but I'm still getting sympotoms as if I were pregnant. I have 2 pee more often, I'm gassy, and i have cramps all da time. I haven't had protcted s_x wit my partner for almost 4 months. I'm not tryin 2 get pregnant but I wood like no 4 sure if I am . Its hard going 2 a doctor cuz no one knows n I don't want no one 2 no. What do u think?


jennifer_33106 - November 26

If you got your period and had a BFN then I woud say pregnancy is out the window. Pregnancy signs and period signs mimic eachother so it is very easy to confuse one for the other. My suggestion? Use Birth Control. You are very likely to get pregnant within a year otherwise. Also just so you know, your post is a bit hard to make out. Just so you know.


Malica - November 26

Unless you've had UNprotected s_x within the last 4 months, you can pretty much rule out pregnancy. During your teen years your body is still changing. Even if you've had your period for a while, it's not unusual for new PMS symptoms to appear. Maybe that's what you're experiencing? If you have frequent urination, you should go to your doctor to have that checked out. It's unlikely to be a bladder infection (they get worse very quickly so if this symptom has been around for more than a week or two it's not likely that), but frequent urination coupled with tiredness is a sign of diabetes. That's just one possibility, but you really need to see a doctor to get to the bottom of this. Clearly it's not pregnancy but that's not to say that there isn't some other condition causing your symptoms.


pg08 - November 26

Oops I meant UNPROTECTED s_x for da last 4 months. I'm always tired n moody n my b___st have become so tender on top of the symptoms I already stated above. Its hard 4 me 2 go 2 a doctor n I no bout planned parenthoods but I no da pregnancy test will come out neg n I've fallen on my pd 2 day. Wat am I suppose 2 tink. Oh yea, by da way I kept writing things wrong bcuz I wrote da question on my fone lol


Noodle - November 27

if you dont want to get pregnant why arent you using any protection - its a bit daft isnt it? anyway, you have your period, so your chances of being pregnant are horrendously reduced, some people just get those things when they are on their periods!



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