Still Showing Negitive What To Do

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Crystal - December 26

Okay, November I think that I had implantion bleeding in the last week. It was like a brownish color. I haven't had a period this month. But I did take 4 test and all were negitive... the possible symptoms I have are: Of course missed period last month and possibly this month, bb feel a lil fuller and bigger, only my left nipple is sencivtive. stomach cramps mainly on the left side. frequant headaches., and last week I had white, thick, discharge but wasnt sticky. Now I havent threw up or came to the point where I thought I was about to. But in the begining of December I did feel a little sick to the stomach mainly at night. but not so much now and I also noticed that when im laying down ready tp go to sleep my throut feels a little sore, like a hard to swallow feeling. and also im more tired during the day but when night time comes its a little hard for me to fall asleep. I know I wrote alot but I want yall to know everything. Also me and my b/f have been together for a while now so we had s_x often and we used the "pull out" method. and also we would usually have s_x more then once in a row and I heard that in order to clean all the sperm off after ejecualation to use soap and water but we didnt do the everytime we would start again. PLease give advice be im really confused and I would just like to know what my situation sounds like. So does it sound like im pregnant or im just over reacting? P. s im only 16 :(


Laney - December 26

I think there is a chance you could be pregnant especially with using the "pull out" method because there is pre c_m which can also get you pregnant best thing to do is go to the doctor.They will do bloods and give you the right answer straight away.This is how i found out and im only 16 too.Keep well and hope that helped a little xo


Crystal - December 27

LANEY-Thanks for the adivce. I been trying to call the health clinic no one answers. BesidesI read that it is encourged to wait till you missed a second period before making a apointment. Im gonna wait to see if I start my period this week and if not im taking another hpt Jan 1, 2006..I'll update and tell ya whats going on



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