Still Virgin But Could I Be Pregnant

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Liz - May 11

A few days ago my boyfriend and I got a little carried away. We didnt actually have s_x..but he did come inside of me. There was no intercourse, but he and I are worried that I may be pregnant. My period should happen any day now...and I'm getting nervous. I'm still a virgin, so I'm wondering if it's possible that I might be pregnant


~kat~ - May 11

very slim chance,i wouldnt worry though,if you worry to much you could delay your period through sress.once you have your period you should get on birth control pill.good luck.


holly - May 11

he c_mmed inside you but you didn't have s_x........lmaoooooo yeah right.


Audrey - May 11

Liz- How did your bf c_m inside you if you didn't have s_x? Each implies the other. Never let a p___s anywhere near your v____al area without a condom on, and avoid s_x during days 9-16 of your cycle.


Liz - May 11

I'm really not sure... I dont think it was that far..but then again it's never happened before, so i've got nothing to compare it to. I'm really not sure.


how dumb do yah gotta be? - May 11

ur boyfriend is a MORON! what kind of idiot would shoot in a girl just for the heck of it!!! and why the HELL would u let him do that???? are u trying to get pregnant?? becuz a guy c_mming inside u when ur not having s_x isnt any plessure,. so what is the point in doing that? what exactly was going through your head? jeez, next time just give him a hand job.


Liz - May 11

Ok, to the person who just responded: I came here for an actual response. And you dont know what we were doing anyway. There's more to it, but I dont feel like going into detail for the whole internet to see. I came here for help, not to be insulted and put down, when I already feel bad enough.


Audrey - May 12

Liz- After thinking about it I can guess what might have happened. Any amount of s____n in your v____al area can cause you to become pregnant if you happen to be in the fertile zone at the time (days 9-16 after the start of your period). If you are only a few days away from your period you shouldn't have much to worry about, so don't stress. My previous message about using a condom still applies. :) Best wishes!



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