Still Waiting To Find Out Could These Be Possible Signs

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worriedteen07 - November 24

I'm 19 years old and had unprotected s_x with a guy. I havent had my period yet so i dont know if i missed it or not. but i've been feeling nausated alot and pretty dizzy and a feeling kinda like cramps in my stomach area... i dunno its its a sign that i may be pregnant or if its just my imagination because its always on my mind?? I mean i'm gunna wait for my period and even if i get it im gunna take a pregnany test but i just wanted to see what you all thought... and if i am pregnant.... how do i tell my mother. i'm her youngest child *she's had 4* and she doesnt even know i've had s_x yet. I have no idea how she'll take it if i am pregnant. but how do i go about telling her... and what about the guy that would be the father if i am..??


hope-31 - November 24

its gotta be hard but dont worry until you know for sure.when was your last period and when did you have s_x? it will be ok. was it with a boyfriend,someone who will maybe be there for you?


grow_up - November 24

How long ago did you have s_x?


jennifer_33106 - November 24

Just so you know, AF and pgy signs mimic eachother. So it is hard to go by those. You do have some symptoms. It is best to wait til you are late to test and make sure you use First morning urine as it usually contains a higher amount of the HCG horomone. Also I wouldnt mention anything to your mom til you are sure one way or another. I would suggest getting on some type of BC if you are not. Statisically speaking if you continue to have unprotected s_x, then you will be pregnant with in a year. If you are pregnant then I highly advise you to get proper prenatal care as soon as possible. GL!!


jennifer_33106 - November 24



tish212 - November 24

I agree until u know for sure don't bring it up with ur mother quite yet...but u will eventually want to let her know u r s_xually active... otherwise it will probably hurt her more to find out from someone else.... if u r not aiming to get pregnant u need to look into b/c .... u can test 2 weeks after try a first response test....


tish212 - November 25

wow...I would say ur dr is right there is no reason to chance ur sister ok? ur symptoms do mimic pregnancy and pre period symptoms...they can be so close its hard to tell. the only sure way would be to test...also worrying that ur pregnant ca cause ur period to be late and cause ur body to mimic pregnancy symptoms.... my biggest symptom in early prenancy was getting sick at the smell of my favorite foods...that I had never had... since ur sister had such a problem with b/c ur mom will prolly be more understanding as to beng pregnant (if u are) I'm sure she would not want u to risk ur health.... gl keep us posted....


grow_up - November 25

Have you looked into a diaphram? There are also contraceptive v____al foams and films that you use before s_x



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