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Help me please - February 17

I have been living with my dad for about 2 years and I have never really been truly happy... When I found out I was pregnant I became so excited... My boyfriend lives in the same town as my dad, and when my dad found out about the pregnancy he flipped and kicked me out... That didn't upset me cause my mom is now taking really good care of me... But I find myself depressed and really sad and emmotional now because I am not going to see my boyfriend as much... I am almost 2 months and I am wondering if this stress from everything happening will put my baby in danger???


becca - February 17

the first 12 weeks are always touch and go but your emotions are always a bit more sensitive when your pregant when you see your midwife talk to her/him about it and tell her your worrys and she will tell you what to do


Reply to help me please - February 17

Yes stress is not good for you and the baby the baby can in someways feel the tension in you, you need to relax and think about positives right now and yes I understand you miss your boyfriend but maybe he can come visit on weekends and you on the alternate weekends, better for him to visit you as you need to relax and the travelling will also be stress on the baby. And also if you go to the same town as your father you might see him and that might not be so good either. Take care and have a discussion with your boyfriend and mom, she sounds like she might have some options too.


Help me please - February 17

I don't have a midwife and the only support I am getting is from close family and close friends, my mom is sooooo supportive and I love her, but I don't want to burden her... My boyfriend thinks I should stay with my mom cause I seem happier, but no matter how happy I try to be I still find myself sad not being able to be held by him as much. Also why is it when I sit in certain positions I feel uncomfortable??? Is that normal??? If i sit in curled up poistions I get slight nausea in my abdomen and stomach, does anyone know why?


becca - February 17

well you should get one yes you have probably got morning sickness honey, u need to go 2 the docter and tell them your pregnant and stuff if ur happier with your mum stay there


Re: help me please - February 17

Your boyfriend is wise, you should stay with the one who is the most supportive , your mom will understand trust me i am a mom, you need to stay there because exactly what your b/f said, you are happier. And the baby can tell. Yes it is totally normal, it is the pressure from baby, uterus remember all of your organs and such kind of start to get pushed around to make room for the baby and you will usually end up with heartburn this might be what you have now. Are you getting physically ill (throwing up)? Morning sickness(which comes any time of the day) can also feel like this, look up on this very site about pregnancy and each and every step, such as stages of pregnancy it can help you so you know what to expect each time you go into a different week and it will also tell you how you baby is changing. What about the option of your b/f coming to the town on the weekends for a visit , is it worth a discussion with him and your mom.?


Re:help me please - February 17

Everything you describe is completely normal, you sound just like the normal typical pregnant woman. You will feel like eating most of the time, but do everything in moderation. Have you been take prenatal vitamins and for morning sickness try some crackers with milk. The milk works wonders on the heart burn. You are welcome this is what this site is for and listen to Becca too she is wise beyond her years, and will relate more now than alot of others.



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