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les22 - May 10

just an observation by my friends and i so dont go freaking out. the younger you have a child the worse stretch marks you get are. we also realised the girls who had a baby while still very young were left with more saggy skin than the older ones. anyone else noticed this?


Tonia - May 10

I'm 18 and 30 weeks pregnant and I only have stretch marks on my thighs, so they aren't that bad, maybe I'm just lucky


Corrine321 - May 10

OKay, That is not true what so ever!! Im 15and 34 weeks pregnant and i barely have any stretch marks what so ever! and my friend that had a baby in march is back to her normal size!! and she weighed a little more then i did. 110 lbs! and shes back down to it!! so what makes u think u get saggy skin?!? cuz u dont! it can just dpend on the person!! not there age!!


corinne - May 10

If you have rather large bb's and you b___st feed they will more than likely sag a bit. That happens to any age of women who b___st feeds. I know trust me my bb's were saggy a bit after cutting my baby off now that she is almost two my bb's look so much better. One of the main causes of stretch marks is from scratching so if you feel the need to itch. Don't do it. That is the only reason why I have stretch marks which have faded a lot.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 10

That is not true. I am 18 and I am 37 weeks pregnant. I have bad stretchmarks, but I had strectchmarks from before I got pregnant from dramatic weight gain and then loss. Stretch marks are more likely when your skin is dry and will not stretch easily. It just depends on how much weight you gain during pregnancy, age has nothing to do with it.


les22 - May 11

we thought it was because the younger you are the easier it is to lose weight (if you lose or gain weight quickly you usually get them) some people are just prone to them and some dont get them at all. everyone i know who has had a child has a bit of saggy skin on the stomach!


les22 - May 11

the saggy skin seems to spring back more quickly in young women and the stretchmarks fade much more quickly too. they just seem worse in girls who had their kids very young ( was actually one of my friends who had a child very young who pointed this out and asked our friends)


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 13

I have bad stretchmarks and have not gained hardly any weight.


young_mum_2_b - May 13

not true!! i'm 17 have NO stretch marks at all!!! yet my mother has heaps and she has a 12 week old baby!! ur age has nothing to do with it!!


Mommy - May 13

I was pregnant at 15/16 with my first son and had no stretch marks at all. THEN I had Logan, my youngest son, 11.5 months later and got stretch marks everywhere. He was also 6 oz bigger than Zane and was .5 inches longer. My mom has stretch marks, my big sister has stretch marks, and now I have stretch marks. :o( My skin just got back to normal after Zane when it had to stretch back out again. I think that's what caused mine.


Lillie E - May 14

i didn't get any stretch marks, really light ones kind of and mostly on my b___bs. i used the palmers stuff and straight olive oil. seriously its gross but worth it.



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