Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

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ShawndaB3 - December 30

Hi, I'm 16 and found out yesterday that I'm pregnant. I took 3 tests just to make sure and well, yup. I'm pregnant. So here's my rock and hard place: My rock: I am strongly against abortions. The only time they're acceptable, in my mind, is in case of rape. That's it. Not teenage irresponsibility-me. My hard place: My boyfriend. He brings up great points as to why it wouldn't be fair, but he's biased so his opinion doesn't mean all that much. His points: My psych meds (Seroquel and Lamotrigine) could cause birth defects and harm the baby permanently. It's just not a good time. It would have a horrible up bringing. My argument: I'm sure they haven't done anything yet, it's still just cells. I would gladly go off them right now for the term of my pregnancy. It may not be a good time, but it just might be the perfect time for someone else. I don't want to get an abortion..What do I do? Help would be much appreciated.


Grandpa Viv - December 31

You don't want an abortion, and you have some serious medical questions. You need to sit down with a doctor and get a professional opinion. Don't dither around and end up needing an abortion when you are 16 weeks pregnant. Your parents will appreciate you confronting the issue early on. Sympathy, and good luck!


sml_155 - January 3

I have been to your rock and hard place. I was told by medical professionals at the 'nursing home' (abortion clinic) that the fetus was just a few cells thats all. And being unknowing and wanting a quick fix, took the route of abortion. I have always regretted it. I have never forgotten this unborn 'fetus'. I know that it brought my life down a real nasty path of denial and self destruction. You are wise to recognize your value of not choosing abortion already, so young.You can get help through agencies that are crying out for newborn babies and a chance to have a family started of their own through adoption. I believe I was a coward and extremely without thought. Denial is so strong. It just comes out in different ways later, it does not disappear. Thank heavens I have been totally forgiven of this and know it deep inside, having found the Lord, or He found me. I know you have the common sense to do the right thing and know that the sanct_ty of life will be honored, and the baby given a chance to live. vw


Krissy25 - January 3

I admire you for wanting to do the right thing and accept responsibility, but b/c of your situation (being on the meds) you need to carefully consider your options and speak with a doctor immediatly. While your bf has a point that these meds could cause birth defects, stopping them may have serious consequences for you. If you haven't told your parents you need to tell them now so they can get you the care you need. I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide to do.



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