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babyxrawrz - January 10

so yeah i definetely think i could be pregnant, but im really not trying to jump to conclusions just yet but it's really getting me nervous. Today me and my boyfriend got into a little argument today because he was asking how i was feeling about it and i didn't want to talk about it. But anyway, i've decided to talk to my bestfriend about this and she has nothing to say but call me stupid and a moron and laughed. Yea, i know this by now me & my bf made a stupid decision that we might be regretting.. its just how could i stay positive if not even my bestfriend is going to be there for me without shoving my mistakes in my face? My bf told me he'd be there no matter what and i could always talk to him, but i really wish there could be a girl i could talk to..someone who might be more understanding. are there any suggestions on how i could get her to understand and help me?


aries419 - January 11

Just play the "what if" factors. Tell her to put her self in that situation. My best friend was in your situation and I told her don't worry about it your not pregnant. I kept positive and confident for her. I did laugh and call my friend stupid but I showed her confident and stayed positive for her. And when the same situation happen to me she did the same thing. She laughed called me stupid but stayed there for me. Hell she was gonna buy me the test like I was gonna buy her. So try and get ya best friend to put her self in your situation and let her know that your really need her. She will come around after she sees herself in the same predicament as you and she will understand more.


babyxrawrz - January 11

yeah, she says she'll buy the test for me and whatnot but thats not the point.. goin through this i don't need to be called stupid. She's not s_xually active at all so she thinks its even more a reason to call me stupid. Thanks though.. ill try the what if.. might actually work lol


V9653 - January 12

I don't know what age you are, but that happens. No offense but sometimes, no matter how good of a friend you've got, that hateful female on female thing comes into play. My best friend did the same thing to me when I was pregnant, and over time she admitted that she was jealous-I know you probably thing, jealous of what? Why would she be jealous of this situation? Trust me, my situation wasn't the most peachy keen and she was one of those christian no-s_x people. She can't understand it right now so you can't expect her to be what you need right now and that's all it is. Even if she considers the what if thing, what would you have said before you had even had s_x and your friend said what if..... it would have been nothing compared to what you were feeling now. You can't know until you've been in this situation. Give her some time, and I'm not saying not to try the what if thing, but really it may come down to your just sitting her down and telling her that you didn't know how serious this would be and now you are stuck and scared and all you can think about is that you want to be able to talk to her without judgement and you need her friendship though she may not agree with what you have done.


babyxrawrz - January 12

well im 17 and she's always been jealous of me for some reason.. she thinks im prettier than her and whatnot. You brought up a goodpoint tho. of her being jealous.. she doesn't really like my boyfriend now.. but im over that. Me and my bofriend had a long talk tonite and he said he doesn't want a baby now, and i completely understand because im not sure if i want one quite yet either... But he kept touching my stomach as if there were a baby in there.. kind of acting like he'd want there to be.. confused me all to hell.. i know he's scared and nervous but i don't know.. its soo confusing. I just keep telling him not to worry and everything will work out fine.



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