Tampons After Birth

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lilmomma88 - July 6

I had my son a week and a half ago by c-section, and i was just wondering if it is safe to wear tampons? i heard somewhere that after you have a baby your not supposed to wear tampons for awhile...but i had a c-section not va___al birth, so is it ok?


maren - July 6

honestly i dont know. my guess is no because you still were dialated and such i would call the nurse hotline or your doctor and just ask them


young_mum_2_b - July 7

hey hunnie, i've been told by my doc that your not suppose to use them for at least six weeks even if you have had a c section. apparently your more prone to that toxic thing...lol..i've forgotten what its called, but yeah tampons cause that and risk is increased just after having children...but if your not sure ask your doctor ..i know how you feel though...i cant stand pads and would much rather tampons but i cat have them anyway coz of st_tches!!


lilmomma88 - July 7

Yeah I read somewhere yesterday that your supposed to wait atleast 6 weeks... I can't stand pads! There so gross! And they feel like a diaper!


EricaLynn - July 7

Hahaha, feel like a diaper, every one can be in diapers together! Oh Im so jelous, I can wait to have my baby!!! I have to wait until december though : ( Oh well Congratulations!!


lilmomma88 - July 7

Enjoy your pregnancy girl, the whole time I was pregnant I kept saying "i cant wait until the baby is born" and "i dont wanna be pregnant anymore" but to tell you the truth, now that i'm not pregnant anymore, i really miss it! i miss his movements, and my big pregnant belly! Dont get me wrong, i'm glad hes here and healthy, but I do really miss being pregnant! I said this to someone else too, enjoy being pregnant because after all you two will never be this close again!


krista-lee - July 10

no tampons no matter what. you gotta wait till the cervix closes completley or else you'll get a nasty infection. the bleeding just stopped yesterday for me, and my dd was born june 8th : )


lilmomma88 - July 10

i hope it stops soon! i had my baby boy on june 26..and im really sick of bleeding!


lilmomma88 - July 10

So when the bleeding stops does that mean my cervix is closed?



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