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Melissa - July 6

im 17 years old the last time i got mah period waz around the end of may....im not sure if i am pregnant or not(if i am it happened tha 2nd week of june) bcuz i havent gotten mah period but took 2 ept tests and both came back positive however i read so many stories bout false reading from pee tests and the only sure way is to have a blood test which im goin 2 do when tha father of this possible child comes back from visitin a dyin relative in 2 weeks. i cant wait that long 2 find out 4 sure but i know i have 2 so 4 now is there any1 that can help 2 tell me if i could be pregnant...i have more heartburn ...im not as hungry as i usually am and have eaten less cuz im just not in the mood 2 eat unless im hungry im not in the mood 4 junk food which i eat allll the time...my stomach isnt bigger its actually flatter...its umcomfortable to sleep on mah stomach....i havent spotted at all....im in cheerleading and haave practices durin tha week so idk if i should be doin this knowin i might be pregnant...if i can think of others i will post them up...also if any1 knows how much a blood test at a doctors would cost and if they r secret like planned parenthood i cant go there because they only give the pee tests and i want to be sure with a blood test...so if any1 has any comments or answers 2 mah questions plz help b4 i go crazy cuz lately i am shaky over the whole thing. thanx every1!


nikki - July 6

d__n gurl chill out and why you care for you have no life you gotta go around tryin 2 diss ppl like that why are you on this site for...d__n get a life! as for melissa hopes everything goes well for u


Jbear - July 7

Two positive pee tests is a pretty good sign that you're pregnant. You should go to one of the free clinics, planned parenthood or another clinic in your area. They will give you a pee test and then help you find a doctor. The doctor will probably do a pelvic exam, and if you're pregnant the doctor will be able to tell. You could also use a different brand of home test, because it's unlikely that you'd get false positives from two different brands. I've never, ever had a false positive, and I've probably used at least fifty tests during my marriage. The tests that show two lines side by side instead of a + or - are supposed to be more accurate. The line has to appear within the time limit specified in the test instructions, and it has to be the same color as the control line (although it may be lighter). A gray line is not a positive result.



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