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Red 225 - October 14

i had s_x with my boy-friend a day before it was time for me to ovulate and a egg was released and i no the sprem was still there because sprem can stay there for 3 or more days and my br___t are very sore can i be pregnant but just dont not yet please help me answer my question 1 am 17 teen please help and we did not ues protection and it all went inside me HELP


E - October 14

Sheesh. Is your period late? When is/was it due?


E - October 14

Please do not panic either. My hubby and I had s_x in my fertile window 4 months in a row and managed to concieve only by the 4th month. It does not always happen but when it does...


vred 225 - October 14

thank you for your help E


www.girlmom.com - October 14

visit www.girlmom.com


Viv - October 14

I have read that the best day to conceive is the day before you ovulate, but even then there is only a 35% chance of achieving a clinical pregnancy. Symptoms of early pregnancy start about a week after ovulation. If you think you are pregnant, do a home test a week after missing a period. If you turn out not to be pregnant, please think of using double contraception (foam+condom) and stay away from that fertile window. Come back and let us know how it turns out on this thread. Thank you!


A - October 21

Why do you even have to ask?? God at 17 you should know by now. So you know when your ovulating (which is difficult to tell because you cant see it) but you dont know whether this could make you pregnant??


angel - October 22

how do you even know if a eg was released?


To Red 225 - October 23

If what you say is true, congradulations may be in order. I hope your pregnancy goes well.


Amy - October 24

I'm 17 as well. And let me tell ya there is a BIG BIG BIG possiblilty that you are preggy. When was ur last period? ur ovulate usually 2weeks after that.. which is when you are most possible to get preggy, remember sperm can live anywhere from 3-7 days! Good luck with it all!


karla - October 25

there is a big posibility that you might be pregnant, but if you are not I guess you might have a nother chance to change your life .


laura - November 12

i slept with my boyfriend the other day and i didnt use protection and i thought that i came off but then the day after i came back on could i still be preggy are not please help



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