Teen Moms Their Pregnancy

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Sandra - August 30

I was just wondering how some teens become pregnant. This is not an insult page, I was just wondering if protection was used, or not, or if it was used incorrectly. This information could be useful to some of the uninformed girls out there that are worried about pregnancy. Thanks :)


Rain - August 12

If we go by the posts that are displayed on these forums...... I think ALOT of young girls seem to get pregnant because...... [1] They think they can't get pregnant whilst on their period...... [2] They think the pull out method can't get you pregnant..... [3] They think a guy releasing himself on your v____a can't get you pregnant...... [4] Other......


me - August 12

they are too embara__sed to buy condoms or ask for birth control so they have unprotected s_x anyway


Rain - August 12

[5] The condom breaks and they don't get the morning after pill...... [6] They forget to take the pill and still have s_x...... [6] As has been said, they are too embarrased to ask for contrception......


Shorty - August 13

For about 80% of the timeI can sum it up for you in two words:1 Uneducated.2 Irresponsible. Yep people do have s_x and use protection and do occasioanlly fall pregnant, I completley understand that, and wish them all the best. BUT there is no excuse for having unprotected s_x!!!! And some of these girls are way too young to be having s_x.. like 12, 13,14, and 15 year olds. But apparently the way society is today, that seems acceptable, and girls that age are pressured into having s_x too, dont get me wrong, it works both ways.


Cat - August 13

Shorty u r so rong i'm a teen mom an i am well educated on safe s_x he used a condom but it split. and i woz on the pill but from sum reason it woz unefective.


tina - August 30

or we use contraceptives the correct way all the time and they are only 99% effective


brittany - August 30

im 16 and currently 5 months pregnant. I am very well informed about s_x ed and such. I took 2 years of lifestyle and parenting cla__ses in highschool. I got on birth control when I was 14. Its not that girls are embarra__sed, its definitely not that we are forced or "peer pressured". My birth control failed, and now me and my boyfriend are going to have a child. Many young teens are very well informed, and a lot really are immature and well "dumb" about the issue, but a lot of us weren't just being stupid or embara__sed, or forced, so dont make a__sumptions of us based on what you think.


Trinity - August 30

When I got pregnant I didnt use birth control.. I believe that if God wants you to have a baby then so be it.. You can stop God creation.. I was very young when I had my son I was only 14teen. But I dont care what any of you hae to say about it.. Its not like I havent heard it before. My son is a very healthy , Happy bug loving lil 4 yr old.. He will also be starting preschool, Knows his abcs, can count to 15 without any help, knows all his colors, shapes, and knows how to write his whole name he however does have problems with the E. His dad and I are still together, and we plan on having more kids soon. If you would like to chat please feel free to email me.. @ [email protected] or check out my site.. WWW.Pregnantandparentingteens.bravehost.com



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