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A - September 7

I was just wondering, teen moms and moms to be, what month of week were you in when you told your parents that you were pregnant, im 11 weeks right now and still havent told my parents or my friends, wanted to get an idea of when other teens in this situation started spreading the word.


Heather - September 7

I'm currently 18 wks. and due in feb! Well i found out i was pregnant when i was 6 wks and my boyfriend was with me when i took the test. I don't know what i'd have done without him. We took sometime to discuss the situation and cry about it. Then we went straight to our parents and told them each separetly. It was best for us to do it right away because my bf was leaving for training in the Marines. Just our parents knew for a while but as i got farther along i gained the strenth through my families support to spread the word to other friends and relatives. it was really hard telling them, i know they were and still are just as scared and hurt as i am. BUT you got to do it. Let me know how is goes for you. If you need to talk you can email me @ [email protected]


~ - September 7

You need your parents. They can help you get through it. Try letting your Mom read "i'm pregnant now what" It's a book written by the mother of a pregnant teen. It's great!


Mel - September 8

Hey I'm 19 so telling my parents was a little easier than if i was a bit younger. I told them early on, at about 6 weeks, and they were worried about me, but parents are always going to be worried. Now that they have gotten over the initial shock, they are so excited that they are going to be grandparents. Your parents will understand more than you think. Hopefully. And with telling friends, as soon as my family were all told, and it leaked out to my friends very quickly, they were all thrilled. My fiancee and I are so excited, forever buying little bits and pieces for bubs. Tell your parents soon so that you know you have their support and can make decisions for your baby by yourself, but knowing that you are being backed up. Is dad in the picture? Whatever you do, make sure you tell your parents before friends. I told a friend who ended up telling a my grandparents, and it ended a little badly since they found out through someone else. They would rather hear it from you. Goodluck with it all. Let us know how you go with telling your little secret.


marlene - September 8

I'm 19 and 12wks today. I live on my own and still havent told my mom. I havent found the right time yet. it's different for everybody. GOODLUCK and keep in touch


M - September 9

right now i am 38 weeks, i told my mom when i was 9 weeks, she kinda knew anyway because my habits started changing, i was sleeping more, throwing up, all that. i told her after my 1st ultrasound. i found it better to just let it out, dont stress yourself because thats not good for the baby or you. The faster you tell her the faster she will get over it and be happy


xxxxmwahxxx - September 9

how old are you girls? cuz im 15 and 7 weeks pregnant my mom knows but i was just woundering if any of you are the same age or younger. i dont know if to keep d baby will my boyfriend get in trouble even if my mom dont press charges? plz help


xxxmwahxxx - September 9

o ye sorry i 4got 2 add his 19 and im 16 in november


vickie - September 9

hey, i was only 6 1/2 week when i found out an then i told my dad straight away but then i was about 10 weeks when i got the courage to tell my mum, but the sooner u tell ppl the sooner u can get on with things and too much stress can be dangerous, good luck xx


A - September 10

thankyou for all the responses they mean a lot to me, i think im going to tell my mom first because my dad only lives here on the weekends and then me and her and my boyfriend will tell my dad, i think ill have her support after she gets over the shock but to be honest i think she already knows, most moms do so i think she does and is just waiting for me to tell her but we will see right? Other info: im 17 years old and will be 18 in 4 months ( yay ) i am almost 12 weeks pregnant now ( will be on monday i think, well if ive calculated right lol ) my boyfriend supports me, i see him everyday and we will be moving out of my house soon, looking for appartments right now. i think thats about it. Thankyou again for all your responses


marlene - September 12

Hi everyone. I told my mom over the weekend and she was happy she even said she knew already. i feel so much better now. the sooner you tell the better. goodluck and keep in touch


GLORIA - September 12



Meagan - September 13

I'm 15 and i hid my pregnancy all the way until my 6th month. I regret it thought because i wasnt taking any prenatal for my baby during those six months. I would go ahead tell your parents as soon as possible because you need to start taking care of your baby.


marlene - September 15

A how are you doing? Did you tell your mom yet? Just wondering how you were doing. keep in touch!!


A - September 15

im doing good, thankyou for asking, 12 weeks now, 13 on monday i believe. im all happy. no i havent told my mom yet i was gunna tell her then one night she got all crazy with my lil brother and now she wont really talk to anyone and i havent really been home. so yeah im kind of nervous to tell her still but i know it will be okay.


marlene - September 16

A, i'm happy everything is good for you. have you seen the baby on u/s yet. when are you due because i just turned 13wks yesterday and i'm due march 25.


A - September 16

March 27th



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