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Fleur - May 10

I don't know if I'm going to be a mom or no but there's a big chance that I might be .. I'm only 16 years old. My parents are really strict. Girls, please share your stories to me if you could. I would like to know how you found out when you got pregnant and how you told your folks and what kind of life you have right now .. are you still able to go to school? What about your boyfriend? Did you get married? Thank you so much .. that would help me a lot ..


becca - May 10

hey Fleur, well my names becca and im 15 16 may 28th im from England an i have a 2 month old baby girl called Paris-Summer well i got pregnant on holiday in Gran Canarea when i just turned 15 with my boyfriend i have been with him for 2 1/2 years now i didn' find out i was pregnant till i was 15 weeks gone.I found out after going to the docters and taking a home pregnancy test at the docters which came back negative so he took some blood and booked me for a scan because he thought i was pregnant i went to the hospital and there was a baby inside me i was so shocked, before that i fold my mum when i got home from the docters that i and the docter thought i was pregnant she came to the scan with me and i didnt tell my dad till a day after because it was his birthday was the day i found out. They were both very suportive but very disapointed in me, i live with my parents and my boyfriend at the moment we are looking for a house and hope to get one soon my boyfriend 17 my life is okay i still see my friends and try and go out as much as i can i love my baby girl its wonderful being a mum but very hard at time. I work from home but only because when my school found out i was pregnant they expelled me:(. I didnt not get married and dont plan to until im much older. Where are you from :) hope i helped:)


teen mom - May 10

Well I found out I was pregnant and desided to change one of my cla__ses in school to a parenting cla__s. Well inorder to do that you have to go to you're guidence councler,she asked me why I wanted to change cla__ses and I told her it was because I found out that I was pregnant. She asked me if I had told my mom yet and I told her no,I asked her to give me a couple of day's to tell my mom then I went back to cla__s. Not less then 10 minute's later she had me come back to the office and told me after speeking with the other counclers she found out that we had to tell my mom right away. Then she told me that they had called my mom to come in and told her that they had some info about me that they needed to talk to her about. I was so scared and I was crying so much,When she got there she asked what was wrong and I was crying so hard I couldnt even speek. The councler asked if I wanted her to tell my mom, I said yes and then she told her that I was pregnant.My mom started to cry and then she said that she had a feeling that I was pregnant because she noticed that I hadent had my period. She told me that everything would be ok no matter what I wanted to do,That it was my choice. Well 9 months later I had a lil baby boy,His name is Lucas he was 91/2 lbs and 21in long.About his father he was there the whole time I met him when I was 14 and im 18 years old now.We have been together for 4 years now and are very much in love. He's 23 now and has a job at honda and im a stay at home mom. The only thing is we still live with my mom but were trying to save up to move out. Other then that my life is good. About school thay kiked me out 2 months later and I'm going for my GED when my son starts school. He will be 3 years old in late september. I had him 15 day's befor my 16th birthday. If you have any other questions just ask and I will be happy to answer them. Good luck with everything!!!!!!!


Fleur - May 10

Becca!!! That is the prettiest name for your daughter ever! Funny .. i'm going to name my daughter Summer too :) Isn't it cool? Thank you you all for sharing stories .. If I find out that I'm really pregnant .. I'll tell you guys


Amanda - May 10

Hey! My boyfriend had a vesectomy or whatever you call it. I wasn't suppose to get pregnant so that's why I wasn't using birth control, but now I wish I would've just to be safe. I am 19 and not married although I live with my boyfriend and we have talked about marriage previously. I was very scared when I took the pregnancy test because I didn't know if it was false or if I had done it wrong so I took a second one just to be sure. Then I went to the health department and they determined that I was. I was so scared. I didn't know what to do, think, or say. I didn't know how to act. How was I going to tell my parents? How am I going to afford a baby at 19? Do I HAVE to get married? What does the future hold for me and my child? I would definitely go to the health department if I were you, just to ease your mind, if you aren't pregnant or to make sure your baby is getting the right amount of vitamins if you are. I hope I have helped a little. Thanks for letting me share my story!


Jaya - May 10

i know this might not count cos its a different situation. im 14. my parents allowed me to be raped, and thats how i got pregnant. i didnt tell them i was there junkies and werent bothered about me anyway just watched me growing bigger no questions asked. i hated my baby the whole time she was in me i thought about abortion but it was too late so i was going to have her adopted. but i had her 7 weeks premature and just fell in love with her :-) i called her Ebony and shes 3 months old tomorrow. shes the best thing ever in my life and i live with my granma now and get home tuition and im with a guy ive been friends with for years :-) its hard work but i think its totally worth it to see my beautiful daughter xxx


Fleur to Jaya - May 10

I'm sorry about how your parents are!!!! but I'm glad for you though that you didn't get abortion.. I know if I have a baby I'd love it so much too .. I'll cheer you up Love


Fleur to Amanda - May 10

Thank you for your story! U've helped me a lot .. It's really hard to accept what is least expected.. I'm still hoping that I'm not pregnant though .. I'll wait and see for a few days if my period has not come yet .. I'd take a home pregnancy test..


Fleur to Teen Mom - May 10

Thank you so much for sharing your story!!!!!!! You've cheered me up a lot .. and your mother is really supportive .. Thank you again!


Little mama (to be) - May 10

OMG i was sooo scared when i found out i was bout to have a baby i still a baby as it is. I just turned 16 in march and in april i found out i was about like 8 weeks. my boyfriend and i have been together for 3 years and he really wanted me to get an abortion. It was alot of stress on me. Thankfully every since mothers day everyone has excepted that im gonna be a mooommmmyyy. The best d__n mommy there is out there. lol But i do wish every body that post something the best of luck!!!!



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