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CAROL - October 31

Here's an idea: Instead of bashing young teen mothers, let's fill this thread with positive stories about your experiences being a young mom.


agree/disagree - November 1

I would like to say I to think it is important that young girls here from woman that started out teen moms and became successful.However I think just by saying "I did it" is not enough.For anyone who response please include what you had to overcome,who helped you,how you did it and how did they help.I wouldn't want young girls getting the wrong impression in thinking it is easy.Looking foward to hearing your stories.


Vickie - November 1

Be careful...if an immature 13/14 yr old was to start reading the 'success' stories, they'd all think they cud do it and the teen mum population wud rise yet again! It's not a walk in the park...so why pretend, yeah people get through it but i bet they all wish they were older...just be careful...it's a tough subject, and alot of very young 'kids' who come on here and they may think it's okay to get pregnant if other people are doing it...xx


me - November 1

Thats not the point, it should be about the girls who are already in their pregnant situation, and are deciding to whether keep it or get rid of it. If they can see that others survive even in the situation, it's better for them.


jo to vickie. - November 1

That is very true Vickie,and although "me"says thats not the point,it is.We should be explaining to these immature girls the problems a__sociated with being such a young mum.To those who are already pregnant they already have their opinions,and its too late,they are going to try and raise their infant the best they can because there is not a choice.Young influential kids are just that,reading to find out what its like,they hear a comment they don't like they will say things like "its our life",etc etc.The point is,you need to enjoy your freedom,if you have a boyfriend just enjoy each others company for a while.When you have kids your freedom goes,and so does spending quality time with your partner,your focus is on the baby,the baby is focused on getting what it wants,its take take take.There are relationships that can split when you have a baby,or those young boys who stray,because he wants a girlfriend again.


Agreed - November 1

I am glad there are a few girls who have become pregnant and managed to do something with their life. But I see no reason to glorify it. It's not something to be proud of.


coral did it again! - November 1

I agree with everything all have said but if you can't stop someone from responding at least incourage them to talk about the hardship they faced to get there.Boy,is carol good at starting debates!


CAROL - November 1

I started this thread because there was a lot of negativity going out towards the teen mothers on this site. Whether or not these ladies planned their pregnancies, I feel it is important that they don't feel put down, or disgraced because of their age. They are doing the most valiant job there is, and by they themselves talking about their experiences, how it has enriched their lives etc., it would give them confidence and a feeling of strength, rather than having to defend themselves on every thread for the way their life has turned.


mia - November 1

ok im not a teen mum,27 and ttc with first,but my best friend got pregnant at 15 and now is 25 with a beautiful 9 year old daughter which she brought up alone,and now has an 18 month old daughter too,shes done great it can be done and im proud of her for it! good luck to all the teens out there you CAN do it.


Danielle - November 1

sorry girls that say they are not proud of being a teenage mom, i'm 16 i'm due april of 06 and you need to go into detail to show it can be over come becuz the fact of there are some girls on here who need the advice but for the 13/14/15 yr olds ur worried about then stress the hard parts of being a teen mom but still put in ur success. as for not being proud of being a teen mom, i think thats wrong cuz thats basically saying that your not proud of your child but that is my opinion and everyone is ent_tled to their own opinion


hunee - November 1

I fell pregnant at 17 and had my little boy Brennan when i was 18. Brennans dad was useless he was 17 when he was born we did get married but shortly after we split up and I raised brennan by myself. I went to college and did a course and I also worked part time proving that teen single mums can do it. I lived in a mother and baby unit with lots of teen mums who most of them have made something with their lives. I am now 24 and brennan is 6 and he is a lovely little boy and I am with a great partner and expecting my second baby in january. After I have had the baby when its a little bit older I am going back to college to study for the next part of my course to become a midwife


lol - November 1

bit weird coming from someone who uses a turkey baster..lol. now carol expects everyone to take her seriously after all the c___p that he/she came out with. she is not a teenager experiencing the same thing these girls are, nor is she a mother. now she expects people to take advice. your integrity has gone down the toilet. personally, i don't beleive a thing she says.


Codys Mummie - November 2

Hey! I'm Amber, ive got an 8 month old son called Cody. I got pregnant at 15 and had him 3 weeks after my 16th birthday. I was to be sittin my gcse's in May but i had alot of problems at that time and finding time to revise while being a mum was hard, i am now resiting 5th year and i am doin my exams in may/june time, by then it will be alot easier as cody will be much older. Ive been predicted all A-C grades and am reli happy bout that, am hoping to go back to school in sept to do my alevels and then go on to uni, but i wanna wait a few years bfore i go on to uni! Me and codys dad arent together anymore, we had r ups and downs and we fell out...this week we sorted some of r problems out and hes starting to be apart of his sons life agen :) theres noway we will be gettin bck together cuz it wont work and am in another relationship which is great, i found out 2 months ago i was pregnant again but i sadly lost the baby two weeks ago :( i was 12 weeks gone! i love being a teen mum,i think its pretty cool that wen am 30 my son will ve 14 lol! ive always wanted to be a young mum and i love it,but its reli hard as well! Amber xxx


please read - November 2

I'm not here to dispute the fact that a teen mom can make somthing of herself.I have to say I question "carols" motive.I think she stated this thread to prove how easy it is.She figured that no one can argue with success stories.I think it is a great idea to tell young girls who ended up pregnant and want to keep ther baby that there is light at the end of the tunnal.They need all the support they can get.Please just be honest if you did it with no help then fill free to say so but include what you had to do extra to get to where you are.I'm afaird that young girls will get the ideal that it is easy if these details are not included.To carol,I to think that for nen and woman of all ages having a unplanned pregnancy and be a blessing in disguise.It can make someone want to better there life for the good.This is a great thread so keep the responses comming in just include the kind of help that made it possible.I don't consider myself a succese story I had my first at 19 and had/have the help of my husband but I know not everyone is that lucky.


CAROL - November 2

I didn't start this thread to make teen pregnancy and motherhood seem like an easy thing. I started it because these young women were being needlessly bashed. They are either a) already pregnant or b) already a mother, so what's the point of calling them names? Instead of being down on them, I wanted to start a thread where there could be positive comments made. Afterall, we're here for support, aren't we?


Vickie - November 2

Okay...;i understand young mums get grief but by doing a thread like this cud very easily encourage young girls who are already debating trying to get pregnant to push thier decision closer to getting pregnant. All im saying is that its wrong to try and become pregnant so young...and the girls that think its fine, great and so on...are immature themselves...and they don't realise the seriousness and the amazing difficulty in bringing up a child so young...now plz dont turn around and say im just another person against teen pregnancy becouse i have just turned sixteen and im overdue my baby, i wish to god i was older because im struggling already and my baby isnt even here yet! I havent a clue what is to come, but i can see its going to be tough and i wish to god i was older and wiser...to give my child a better life..i haven't even taken my GCSEs yet...how am i going to provide the best for my child..im having to scrimp and save just to bring up my baby...now do these young girls really understand the things that come with a baby...and CAROL you have a huge shock coming to you...when you are being sniggered at, looked down upon and so uncomfortable you feel like bursting into tears...then you have a baby that depends on u 24/7....sorry bout being so long!! xx


CAROL - November 2

Vickie, I am used to being looked down upon. However, I am homeschooled and will not be treated like that by my schoolmates, since I have none. Nonetheless... I'm sure it will be a shock when my baby is born. It is to anyone, I am sure. I'm not trying to glorify teen motherhood at all; it is a tough decision to make, whether planned or not. I have been put down for consciously becoming pregnant, but I am self sufficient, financially able, mature, yet realistic. I'm sure there will be times when I ask myself WHY? but that is to be expected. I know (to an extent) what I am getting into. I didn't do this because "it's cute to dress my baby up".



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