Teen Mothers Wanting To Swap Notes

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270606babygirl - February 27

hiya im amy im 16 and 23 weeks pregnant im exspecting a baby girl due in june im wanting to chat to other moms or teens moms to share there exsperience on what they was like when they was about to be a mom because im scared im going to mess up because im so young thank you


mickey87 - February 27

hey im 18 and due in a week:p got msn??


JaMikal-Damien.piczo.com - February 27

Im 19 and I just had my baby boy about 7 wks. ago. He was 3 wks. premature. I was 18 when I got pregnant and I am not with the father, I havent been with him since I was 4 months pregnant. If you wanna chat e-mail me at [email protected] I also have yahoo messenger and My AIM screen name is blondeburlygurly


270606babygirl - February 27

iv got msn its [email protected]


dymond - March 2

im 19 and i have a 19 month daughter who is terminally ill. i had her when i was 17. her father left when i was 5 months preg, which was when we found out she will ill and not suppose to live. i have gone through alot and if theres anything i could help you or anyone else with feel free to email me at [email protected] i also have aim- if you would like to talk on aim jus email me and ill send the screen name to you. god bless, and i wish you all the best of luck.


meagan1227 - March 2

I'm 16 and have a soon to be 10 week old son. my myspace site is www.myspace.com/meagan1227 or my aim name is meagan4510


Tlsha - March 3

ya i could definitely use some help too!! [email protected]


Corrine321 - March 4

Hey 270606babygirl, I'm 24 weeks and 4 days and I'm only 15.... My baby is due June 19th! I'm very scared to go through labor!! very very nervous!! [email protected]


Lillie E - March 6

i'm 17 and i have a 4 month old baby boy. I have aim, Hot Mama LilE and a myspace, myspace.com/lillieandjon i'm totally cool with talking to anyone so hit me up!


Baby Girl18 - March 7

Hi, My name's Marie I'm 19 years old I have a 3 year old son and I'm about 2 months pregnant with #2. If anyone would like to talk to me my E-mail is [email protected] Or you can just talk to me on here. I hope everyone is doing ok and all the baby's are healthy!


nenny - March 8

Hi im 20 and pregnant for the second time now with TWINS my babies are due Aug 6 2006 good luck young ladies!!!!!! and Congratulations and keep updating this site.


candace17 - March 8

hey my name is candace ... im 17 and 7 months pregnant .. i thought i would go on here too meet other pregnant teens ... cuz i dont have any one to talk to bout it ,, and im not with the babys father .... my yahoo name is [email protected] and my aim is [email protected] and my space is candace318......


xXx-Lesley-xXx - March 12

I was a teenage mum :-) I am now 22 with 3 children. If anyone wants to ask me anything feel free :-)


Mommy - March 12

Hi everyone! I'm 18 with 2 little boys, a 10 month old and a 21 month old. Anyone have any questions or just wanna chat my email is [email protected] and I'll do my best to help. :o) P.S. Congrats to all others moms and mom-to-be's!


Nikki0888 - March 12

I'm 17 and due September 20. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat last week! My baby's daddy and I aren't technically together but he's sticking by me 100% of the way. My email is [email protected] or my aim in innocentgirly08. Congratulations to all.


MasonsMommy - March 23

i'm 16 and 39 weeks along!! I have msn: [email protected] and myspace: www.myspace.com/x089xcut_up_angelx089x


little_snowball - March 24

i am 17 and nine weeks, my AIM is sadnessofasiren, and my email is [email protected] free advice is alway loved, lol.



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