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sherry - January 24

my daughter just told me today that she is 11 weeks pregnant, and im absolutly in a state of shock . i dont know how to approch her now. what do i do?


fyi - January 24

sherry, sorry to hear that. This site is full of teens, most of them immature and rude, but not all of them. If you would like adult advice, I would post this under "general pregnancy".


Asha - January 24

Well im 15 and i think im pregnant so as a teen well let me ask how old is your daughter. How did she approach you in telling you? How did you react because most likely she was scared to tell you. First ask yourself do you see your daughter any differently than before if so stop there please. Dont go that route. Would you like her to have the baby or what? Ask her what she wants to do about her pregnancy go from there. Maybe that will help


Mommy2Kylie - January 24

Well how old is she first of all? I think the best thing you can do is support her 100% in whatever she chooses to do. That baby is your Grandchild, and it wouldn't be fair to disown her for being pregnant, because thats also disowning your innocent grandchild that didn't choose to come into this world. Im not saying thats what you're doing. Im glad you came to ask for advice, that means you're thinking about it, and caring instead of jumping the gun. I got pregnant at 18, and had my daughter at 19 and my Mom supported me 110% She was great, and I'll ALWAYS remember that till the day I die.


amber - February 2

sherry, there are alot of teens out there pregnant like me for instance just remeber how much you love your daughter and wouldnt be the same without her she needs your help and remeber she is emotionally hurting and confused just do the right thing !


becca do this - February 3

dont shout at her she is probably so scared u need to just suport her and reli be there for her teker her to the docter so u can talk over the options and what u and her both think of them when i told my mum she did that and it was so much easier with her help


Han - February 4

im 17 and pregnant , i really didn't want to tell my mum because i didn't want her to go crazy, but i would really love for her to give a big hug and tell evrythings okay!



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