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pregnantplayboybunny - December 18

Hi everyone, I'm 16 and and 29 weeks 2 days pregnant. I don't know how some 12/13 can say they are pregnant or even be pregnant because 1) I never even thought about s_x at that age and 2) I hadn't even had periods by that age. I have to say i know being pregnant at 16 nearly 17 is young, but it was not a mistake. My mum kept pushing me to do well in school, and me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x. Me and my boyfriend together earn enough money to support this baby WELL. We do not feel that because of my age (he's older) that we will have any problems with buying our own house ETC. I'd just like to say all those people on here that are faking being pregnant at 12/13/14 it is not funny, or clever. Its actually quite pathetic. And to all those that are pregnant good luck. If any of you want to talk to me my address is [email protected]


shaelynne - December 18

hi hun ur right but just to play devils advocate a lot of girls do have periods at 11/12... i was having completly normal af every 28 days by the time i wasnt even 12 1/2 so for some girls its true..... u can usually tell if they mean it or not by reading the post if they really are youll be able to tell


hmmm - December 18

Pregnant Playboy Bunny? Thats very mature. Whatever though. Good luck with your baby. I'm glad you chose life and are still with your boyfriend. It's great your making enough money to support your baby but what about health insurance and hospital bills. I am also a young mommy and my own fathers insurance didn't cover my son's hospital bill. I hope things work out for you though. The best thing you can do is finish school.


pregnantplayboybunny - December 18

My partner calls me his s_xy playboy bunny. I live in england and am finishing my courses with the schools help by doing all the work at home etc. With being in england we dont actually have to pay hospital fee's which is a bonus!! and yes i agree with you shaelynn. Its just i find it hard to believe people of that age are even thinking about s_x. I mean at that age, i was thinking about my friends, and having fun at the club i go to and allsorts like that. i didnt even think about having a boyfriend at that age.


charlotte - December 18

How Far along are you? How Much do you eran? Why did you have unprotected s_x


Jbear - December 18

This may seem rude, but you're being a little insensitive. Girls do get pregnant at 12 or 13...I saw plenty of them during my first pregnancy, when I was going to the high-risk county clinic. A lot of girls get periods sooner now, I started when I was 11, but my youngest sister was only 10. I agree that no one should be having s_x at 12 or 13...but a 16 year old is not that much wiser than a 12 or 13 year old, or that much more prepared to be a parent. It's not fair to be calling the younger girls here liars. If they are pregnant, think about how scared and in need of moral support they must be. If they are lying about being pregnant, they must be desperate for attention.


pregnantplayboybunny - December 19

I'm just over 29 weeks. Me and my boyfriend had been together for 2 years and hadn't had s_x. We wanted to wait until we were ready. So in the summer in june whilst we were on holiday together we decided to do it. So what if i'm pregnant i mesn i have the means to support this child. I earn about £500 a month building and updating websites and as my partner is old not saying how old he runs his own business. He has been saving for years and we have enough money to buy a house, and give this child stability. A 16 year old is ALOT wiser than a 12/13/14 year old. I have looked after my god-daughter for a whole week whilst she was only 2 weeks old. Her mum/my friend had to go back into hospital. Yes i know its hard, but i can do it. I've had alot of practice with my god-daughter and one of my partners friends gf's baby.



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