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breno - July 7

i'm a teen and my aunt does noy want me having a baby but i am prgnant.what do i do?


realistic - June 21

Have an abortion. You have your whole life ahead of you. I am in my mid- 20's and I am engaged. I recently got pregnant but my fiance and I are not prepared financially or mentally for a baby. We still have things we want to accomplish in our lives before we have children. I have no regrets about our decision because I know that when we do have a baby we will have no resentments towards it. We will have all the time in the world to devote ourselves fully to our babie(s). Having a child is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly.


Shelly - June 21

What do you want to do? Go talk to a counselor to get help making the decision. You can find one through your local clinic, or Planned Parenthood. Good luck.


Meredith - June 21

DONT LISTEN TO "REALISTIC" thats the dumbest thing you can do. If you cant keep it then talk to your aunt and tell her you would like to give it up for adoption when its born. Otherwise you are killing it and u should never do that because it was u that created it and the baby shouldent have to pay for your misakes Let us know what happenns


realistic - June 21

Actually, it's not even a baby yet. It's just a gooey blob of tissue.


Shelly - June 21

There are two sides to every issue. You have to choose what is best for you. No one else can make the decision for you. You will be supported no matter what you decide is right for you.


Meredith - June 21

Acutllay "realistic" its a baby when the sperm meets the egg. Weather u believe it or not. Its a baby And u dont know anyways cause you dont know how far along "Breno" is


~Me~ - June 21

you need to do whatever u wanna do ur the one that has to take care of it and be its parent forthe rest if its life. u can have an abortion but its a very hard thing to overcome afterwards and then theres adoption but u have to be strong enough to carry the baby and feel it move and then pretend like nothing ever happened or u can always keep it and have it and make the best of it ... kids are definately hard but they arethe most rewarding thing in the world. theres alot of sleepless nites and alot of diapers and spitting up and doctors appts but then u get to hear its first word and see it walk and grow and know its part of u. just do whatever u think is right for ur life and dont second guess urself or listen to anyone else ... its ur life and ur body not theirs


jennifer_17 - June 22

i think anyone is stupid who has an abortion the baby didn't create itself so there for it is not the baby's fault it don't deserve to die for 2 peoples mistakes. do what you think is right don't listen to anyone if you might have any doubt that they are wrong do what is in your heart because the baby belongs to you and knowing that you killed your own child would probably be a barrier on your heart forever unless you don't have one like "REALISTIC". e mail me if you need someone to talk to [email protected] im a teen to and i think i might be pregnant but if i am it is going to be hard bc the daddy is only 16 and i just graduated but it was me and him who got ourselves into this and the baby is not going to suffer for it we will take care of our baby no matter.


dymond - June 22

well the decision to have this baby or not is completely up to you. there are issues that come with every decision you can make. if you feel you are not ready to take care of a child then you do have the option of adoption, which i would incourage instead of an abortion. im 17 and pregnant, the father of my baby isnt around because me wanted me to have an abortion but i wish to keep her. you need to do some serious thinking on what you want to do and what you feel is best for you and your baby. also keep in mind that if abortion is something YOU would consider...you are limited on time. i wish you all the luck in the world and i am willing to help you in any way possible. write me at [email protected] if you need to talk. dont let someone else make this life altering decision for you.


kiara - June 23

realistic, i rebuke and bind you in the name of jesus. that is the devil. God says do not have an abortion. and he means everyone. breno, you had s_x, so you have to do what you have to do. you'd be killing a part of you. your own child. you would be a murderer. you'd regret when you get older. its a sin. i could name all the reasons to not have an abortion, but it would take all day. its WRONG! dont kill the baby. i beg you. you got pregnant, now deal with it. dont make the baby pay for your mistake. i can tell by the way that there is this big arguement about having an abortion that your baby is going to be something. make a difference. if you kill it, the baby will not be able to experience all the great things in life. all because of you. someday, your other child will look back and wonder why mommy killed his/ her sister. there is really no other choice. a lot of kids go through what you're going through now, but that doesnt mean that they killed their baby. give it to a family member to take care of. adoption is an option. just, dont kill it. realistic thinks that its just a blob of tissue. that is her mistake. let her say that when she kills her own baby. even if it was a glob of tissue, its a living glob. that will someday face ordinary problems like you. who will get married, and maybe have children of their own. who have feelings too.that's all i have to say, and i hope you make the right choice.


Sandy - June 23

Food for thought: Will the baby suffer if you do keep it? Will it's life be sad and hard? Will he/she go without meals because you can't make ends meet? Will this hard life cause mental and emotional problems? Do you have the skills you need to be a good parent? It isn't easy,you know. Most really good parents have taken parenting cla__ses more than once, and read lots and lots of books. Take it from me, being a single mom is really hard, but living with a guy who you chose when you were too young to know what a good relationship is and isn't is MUCH worse. Both my child and myself suffered. Date for a LONG time before you have s_x. Be with a guy you really know is mature enough and educated enough to give you and your kid a decent life. Money isn't the most important thing in life, but you need it to have a life that isn't so full of stress that you can't enjoy anything. I wish you all a better life than mine has been.


jodi - July 5

It's all up to you, but take advice from someone who went through the same thing you did, I'm almost 17 years old I got pregnant in febuary, but didn't know until april, I didn't know what to do, I never thought it would happen to me, but it did my whole family disowned me even the babies father wouldn't talk to me. I got kicked out and scared, didn't know what to do, I became depressed and scared, so I got an abortion, I thought there was no other choice I thought I was alone but I was wrong, there's people out there that will help you, you know how people say if there was one thing they could do over it would be the choice I made, I'm even more hurt know then I was when I found out I was pregnant, It's apart of you, the decision I made I'll have to live with the rest of my life... It will never go away, please don't make the same mistake I did.... Please, you'll regret it... what if your mom would of had an abortion instead of having you?


cherrish - July 7

well its yur life you can do what you want but the question is are you going to ba able to cope


abby charlish - July 7

i believe that u should do what ever u want to do at the end of the day that child is yours u could get yourself a flat and move out and have ur family but its up to u its your life and if u feel its right then do it if u dnt then dnt but dnt let people put u dwn its ur life no one elses thanxs for reading hope u make ur descion soon and let me no thanxs



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