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sherwood - November 19

Hi. I would like to ask something. Me and my boyfriend had been making out for a while. He'll just rub the tip of his d_ck on my p_ssy but when he came out, he always make sure that it's on my tummy. But one time, I noticed that after rubbing his d_ck, my p_ssy got wet but he came out afterwards on my tummy as usual. Is there a possibility that I'll get pregnant? Thank you.


Grandpa Viv - November 19

I expect there will come a day when he does not come out soon enough and then there will be a chance of pregnancy. The wetness you recently observed could easily have been from your own lubricating fluids. Why don't you buy him some condoms for Christmas, or at least slip in some vaginal spermicide before the games begin - not very good birth control but better than nothing.


sherwood - November 19

So there is really a chance? Technically, I'm still a virgin. He haven't inserted his manhood into mine, he'll just keep on rubbing the tip of it.


Grandpa Viv - November 22

Where blood can come out so sperm can swim in. Your hymen does not stop you from getting pregnant.


sherwood - November 23

Can ejaculation cause pregnancy? Im sure he came out on my tummy. Does rubbing the tip of his manhood increases the chance of pregnancy?


Grandpa Viv - November 27

Sherwood, I don't think you are pregnant from this incident. What you need to understand is that being a technical virgin does not prevent pregnancy. If semen accidentally gets deposited in the opening of your vagina some sperm have a path to their destination. Why take the risk? Insist on better protection!


sherwood - December 5

My period was supposed to be yesterday and I have already missed it. I know menstrual cycles sometimes last for up to 35 days but Im kind of freaking out because I get regular periods on time.


Grandpa Viv - December 8

Sherwood, if you were getting pregnant you would by now be complaining of a number of early pregnancy signs. Maybe your period is late because of worry and stress. A home pregnancy test one morning next weekend will set your mind at ease. 



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