Teen Pregnantcy

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Jessica dupre - August 28

iam 15 should i get pregnant?


Janie - August 28

No, don't get pregnant on purpose! Even if you want a baby really bad. At least give it a year to see if you feel the same way. A lot can happen in just a few months. My mom had me when she was 16 and I'm now 33 and believe me she had it hard. She never finished highschool and it was hard financially for many years. If you really want a baby, make sure you are ready for a baby. Do your best now to make somthing of your self, get some education so you can have a way to financially support your child.


???? - August 28

wat do you think???? of corse you shouldent get pregnant. I'm not trying to sound rude.


facts - August 28

• Teens who give birth are much more likely to come from poor or low-income families (83%) than are teens who have abortions (61%) or teens in general (38%).31 • 7 in 10 teen mothers complete high school, but they are less likely than women who delay childbearing to go on to college.32 • In part because most teen mothers come from disadvantaged backgrounds, 28% of them are poor while in their 20s and early 30s; only 7% of women who first give birth after adolescence are poor at those ages.33 • 1/3 of pregnant teens receive inadequate prenatal care; babies born to young mothers are more likely to be low-birth-weight, to have childhood health problems and to be hospitalized than are those born to older


jay - August 28

A fact is a fact, no one can force anyone to give up a baby, it's trying to discourage her from becoming pregnant!!! What BaBy are you talking about she AINT even pregnant you idiot! Read the the question before you post!


Jamie - August 28

Jessica please wait until you're older,enjoy your teen years because they don't last long.You want to be able to spend you're money on going out with friends and buying things for yourself...baby formula,diapers and such can wait until later.


Jamie - August 28

Opps grammer error on my part I ment to say spend your money..but whatever,ya know what I ment :oP


DianeG. - August 29

Jessica have patience and think things through, having a baby is hard. Also to the Little girl--->>>get a life if you want some drama go pick a fight with someone off the street you wont get any action calling people names on here.


D - August 29

it all up to you but you should try to finsh skool ,have a good man but the most a JOB, im 17 and i want one but i wanna try to finsh my senior year . they should form a chat room for girls that feel ready to have kids.


Shannon - August 29

It's hard. I missed my school dances, activities, prom and graduation because I had a baby at 16. I don't regret her. I had to get my GED so I could work and spend time with my daughter. If I had stayed in school and worked I wouldn't have had anytime with her. Look before you leap.


crystal koetz - October 17

You should not get pregnant.It is alot of work to raise kids and what a bout college and or having a great career? It also takes a lot of money to have a baby. they need alot of attention and supplies to be able to take care of them.



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