Teenage Lament

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Audrey - November 17

Any teenager who thinks that having a baby will be "cool" ought to read the poem "Teenage Lament" by Nancy Curtis. The new morality--and freedom From classes--what a drag From Mom and Dad--always arguing From homework--senseless hours From discipline--useless From Church--a bore I'm my own woman now. Made so by one decision. One hour of love and pleasure. Free now to look at my cheerleading sweater hanging in the closet. My books and basketball schedule resting on the shelf. My material for a prom formal--never made--as it sits amid the remnants of the fabric left over from my maternity tops. My medals from band and choir, forsaken in the clutter of a jewelry box. My friends passing by my window, laughing over the gossip column in the school paper and giggling over who will be the next to experience... The new morality--and freedom For cleaning--what a drag For him--always arguing For ironing--senseless hours For dishes--useless For cooking--a bore For s_x--a hangup Oh God, if you are there, please let someone take this crying baby off my hands and let my feet dance once more. I am so old. And I was never young.


Christine - November 17

I'm far from teen but that is a beautiful poem...


Shannon - November 17

yeah the things mentioned in the poem are only some of the bad things. there are many good things that can come with haveing a child at a young age. i really don't think it is right for other people, especially someone who is older and may not remember how it feels to be a teenager. yeah some teenagers should not be having children, and if they are seen to be unfit child services will take their child away, and for some that will be the turning point in their lives helping them straighten things out. so don't knock anything you havn't experienced. remember everything happens for a reason. and if you couldn't handle it it wouldn't happen to you.



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