Teenage Pregnancies

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Kay - February 9

what is it with everyone saying when you get pregnant you never go out see your friends or have a socail life ? I have plently of social life i go out every Thursday night out to a club and let my hair done , i have a 5 month old. My boyfriend will look after our child on a thursday so i can see my friends and i will do the same for him so he goes out Friday. Most days in the week my friends will pop down we will go to town and have a coffee . I am 18 . I have alot going for me . What i am saying is it isnt as bad IF you have the support of loved ones. I am NOT trying to glorify teen pregnancy i am putting my 2 cents in . I look after my daughter with NO help. I dont need it . Me and my boyfriend do this ourselves . I dont see why people say its so hard , you never have a social life * blah blah * If you are pregnany and your boyfriend supports you then please dont get worried you will get through it ! For all those people that will respond to this e-mail saying i am promoting it as a great life well for me it is and i am saying to girls that are ALREADY pregnant that they can do it. I DONT agree with people "TRYING" to concive if they are underage.


Mimiask - February 9

well i got pregnant by accident but im 17 n im 5 weeks pregnant thanks for the tip because ive been feeling so confused n i have my boyfriend supporting me and my mom but my dad isnt but i hope i can get through dis n make it i wasnt sure about abortion but thats not wat i wan tto do


Kay - February 9

I dont have my dad with me to suport as he lives on the otherside of the world to me , but with your boyfriend and mums support there will be absolutly nothing to worry about thats all you need ;)


little_snowball - February 9

good for you. it's great to see that you have so many things going for you. i am pregnant, and 17 (18 in june) but i have the full support of my boyfriend. he is looking into getting a loan so we can buy a small house. we both have jobs and even if our parents didn't support us, we still have each other. i don't think trying to conceive is right if you aren't well off or won't be for any age.


bethany - February 9

yeah it aint the end of the world ! =) babies are a blessinq at any aqe <3


Jenn - February 9

I am glad that you have yourself together but personally, I couldn't imagine going to a club being a mom. I guess I feel that there are more adlut recreations to do than that-but then again I am 24 not a teen. But at your age I was clubbing, but I could imagine having a kid and doing all that too. I guess it is something that everyone just grows out of. My husband and I spend time together out-We don't have that arrangement-seems strange to me. But all of our friends are married with kids as well.


2short4u - February 10

I knw a lot of mom's in there 20's who go out clubbing. My old room mate was 23 and a mom and all the mom's that lived around us used to go out every weekend, some were single, some had a boyfriend and they were all in there 20's. Now, I'm 19 and a single mom myself to a 4wk. old baby boy and I haven't gone out yet, but I plan on it. I actually have friends telling me it's too bad I can't go out anymore b/c now I have a child to take care of. Who said I couldn't go out. I can still go out, have fun and be a good mother. I'm not gonna stay cooped up forever in this house. What kind of life is that.......


Brittany - February 10

I agree with you. As long as you have support, you can go be a teenager/young mom. My fiance' would do the same for me if I wanted to but I'd rather stay home with our son than going clubbing and hanging out with friends. More power to ya. I know a lot of older mothers always getting babysitters and going out with their friends so I agree that it's not hard to get outta the house every now and then and have "me time". I just think it's all in the way you keep up with people, I pretty much lost touch with my friends because they all went to school. If I called them more, I'm sure I'd go out more but I'd rather be with my son. Good luck to all!!


Jenn - February 11

oh I wasn't saying that as a mom you can't go out-we go out and have drinks with frineds I am just saying that I couldn't imagine being a mom and part of the club scene too. For me-I am not the same person that I used to be-I am more momish now. Back then I was as free as a bird and all my friends were single so I think it was just the thing to do at the time. Now, we are all pretty much married and we do other things-maybe its cause we have too many responsibities-honestly-I don't think that I could even stay up that late if I wanted to. Its funny how things change. But I am happy that I got to do all that stuff-it was a big part of me growing up.


Kay - February 12

You just made it out that you were saying you are too "mature" to go out clubbing. I dont literally go out and get smashed , there is a bar area ( if you didnt know ) and a dance area . I sit down and have drinks with firends and stay out for two hours . I am saying this as you said you have more "responsibility " i dont know wether you mean as a mother but it sounded like it. As you say your friends are mostly married , well my mates are aswell , or soon to get married and yes have kids . Not all of them but we also have "responsibilities " . Just sounded like in both your posts that you are more adult and i am acting like a child by going to a club ? Also you saying "you go out for a drink with friends " can i just add thats basically what you do in a club ?? I am not getting angry i just seem that your posts were quite offencive . Hope everything is going great with your child ;)


Jenn - February 12

Just wait-you'll see what I mean when you get older-there is no way to explain it without someone taking it the exact way that you did-sorry. I guess I would have too at that age.


Jenn - February 12

And, I do feel too mature to go out clubbing-its too loud, you can't have a decent conversation bc you can't hear anything-I'd rather have have dinner and drinks and an intelligent conversation..like I said-I have changed.


Kay - February 13

We have different opioions but i to can have an "intelligent" convo in a club , you obviously have different clubs as we have here . Like i said its a bar ( yes you order food ) and theres a dancefloor next to it but its a nightclub. Yes i do understand what you mean as i dont enjoy going out as much as i used to before i had my daughter first time i went out i didnt want to go back out . Although i need a social life so decided to have a couple of drinks and be with friends. Sorry but still seems you are degrading me .


BabyPink - February 13

Hey Kay, I think it's great that you are looking after your child and maintaining a healthy relationship with your boyfriend by continuing to have separate activities as well as being together the rest of the time. Well done and don't feel bad about going to a club, I know what you mean about going for a couple of drinks and maybe a dance, it's fun and it makes you happy. A happy mother is a good mother! As for Jenn, well I'm 26 and therefore older thank you. Jenn, your life sounds kind of dull as if you are trying far too hard to be an adult. Oh gosh you're married with kids- you're only 24 love and your comments make you sound waaay older. I'd hate to be such a stick-in-the-mud and not be even half way into my twenties. I don't go clubbing really now either, I usually go for dinner with my friends but it's mainly due to our working hours. Also, when I do go out I leave my partner at home, as do my friends, because we have a life of our own and that is a wonderful thing. I'm in a very long term relationship- as are most of my friends- and I have a very sensible adult life but I still know how to go out and have fun without sounding like an old woman. really Jenn, stop patronising Kay by telling her how much younger she is than you, I think we've all established she's 18 and you're 24 now get over it. Kay, I'm so happy for you and I think you and your boyfriend are very lucky to have the support and sense to look after your daughter and yourselves. Take care xoxox


Jenn - February 13

obviously overly sensitive...you ladies are taking what I say wayyy too personally. I am done with this conversation, I hope the best to you all. The only thing I ever said was that I am not into clubs like I used to be-sorry if you read more into that. My recreation is more of vacations and travel-sorry-to offend anyone. Kay good luck to you.


frankschick2001 - February 13

I'm 32. I see nothing wrong with a mom going to a club. And before you say "oh this one must go to clubs all the time"...I don't. I have not been to a club in about 4 years. I have no desire to go to one, never liked them. I get claustrophobic sometimes. But far be it for me or anyone else to tell someone that they can't go out with their friends and just go dancing! I mean, it's not always fun to just dance around in your livingroom. I live in NYC so going out to clubs is very popular and it doesn't make you immature. These are grown ups who are mature and work and are responsible but want to have some fun too. And WOW some of them have children, imagine that!



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