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lilcu7ie510 - June 13

'what causes teenage pregnancy'


Trisha - April 8

help i do not know what to do i am 16 and pregnant


LUCKY - April 16

Trisha, i am in the same boat, i am 16 and pregnant too, hon, you need to go to the doctor, no matter how hard it is. Best of luck


Mo'Nique - April 16

Teen pregnancy is caused by chidren trying to be grown before their time.My advice to all teens is wait until you are married and you won't have to worry about anything. I am 17 years old and I am not pregnant and I am holding myself until God sends someone for me to marry.


LUCKY - April 16

Good for you Mo'Nique, but i was going to do that too, but then i just got caught up in a moment, and now that i know that i am not pregnant, it is a lot easier to say that i made a mistake, but god forgives.


unknown - April 17

kids that have s_x without parents knowing about it !!! and most the time its the parnets fault they shouldnt have let there kids be put in the postion to even have s_x in the first place


tif - May 10

teen pregnancy is caused by the family unit itself any sort of dysfunctions parents splitting up and feeling unexcepted by the father or distant from him.


bob - May 25

a teenager not using contraception


Shelly - May 27

Teen pregnancy's causes are many. One main cause is lack of information. Lots of teens don't know how not to get pregnant. They are getting their information from other uninformed teens. Adults need to not be afraid to give teens the information they need to protect themselves.


sweetie - June 13

Like Shelly said, its from teens not having the right information to protect themselves, and somtimes it just comes from being irresponsible. Parents CANNOT control their children 24/7. So don't blame parents, take control for your own action. You want to do the adult dance, live the adult consequences.


Parisia Harp - September 27

Teen Preganacy is caused ny the two individuals who had s_xual intercourse. Many people may see it's caused by a broken home, divorced parents, or trying to be grown. It is caused by you making that choice to have s_x and knowing that pregnancy is a big outcome. I am now 19 years old taking care of my 3 year old daughter in college. So to all who are preganant at 15 or 16 years old, keep your head up and continue to finish school and take care of your child, you and he/she is what matters not everybody else.


TaNeil - September 29

s_x but sometimes it was not planned and what can we do now?


Parisia Harp - September 29

Well are you saying that your pregnant and you don't know what to do know im sorry i am not understanding your question TANEIL


Daile - October 11

Teen pregnancy is caused by two people having s_x. It's the same thing that causes "adult pregnancy," it just happens a little sooner. It is not something to be blamed on the parents, because guess what, they don't matter! When a woman chooses to have s_x, with or without protection, it is a choice made between her and the man she chooses to do it with. Their parents, education, friends, and family HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!! Mo'Nique, I'm glad you've decided to wait until you're married. However, not everyone wants to do that. I certainly don't. Intercourse between teenagers, or between a teenager and an adult, is not necessarily wrong, or an accident. It can be a beautiful thing, if they are both emotionally ready to handle it. Please don't try to convince people that pregnant teenagers have made a huge mistake, because that is not always the case.


nurougus jhonson - October 11

think about it and tell me your answer


Parisia - October 18

Well if it is not planned just face up to your responsibility, please don't abort it because it is not the child's fault that it was conceived, you made that choice. Daneil you right that is so true, but I would agree to that you should just have s_x, don't just fornicate to have a baby.


Brittany - October 24

Teens aren't educate don safe s_x



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